Uncle Tom's Cabin cover

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896)

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin is one of the most controversial novels of the last century, with it’s sentimental portrayal of the anti-slavery movement in the USA. Written in 1852, the novel instantly rose to fame and split Americans up and down the country. Stowe was a passionate abolitionist and was inspired to write Uncle Tom when she spent time in Cincinnati in the early part of the 18th century. She met many slaves who had escaped from Kentucky and was touched by the friendships she built. It was with this sentiment that the novel was born and the deep empathy Stowe had for slaves is evident throughout. As you would expect, the book was hugely provocative with pro-slavery supporters outraged by the negative portrayal of masters within the slave trade. It was said to be so incendiary that Abraham Lincoln claimed Stowe to be "the little lady who started this great war". It is not clear if that quote is genuine but the hype Stowe created both before and after the civil war is definitely real. The novel follows the story of long suffering slave Tom and mother and son duo Eliza and Harry. Whilst Tom is sold down the river by his master, Eliza and her son manage to escape the clutches of slavery. There is no doubt in the genuineness of Howe’s wish to uncover the slave trade for all of its sins. Pleasingly the book ends with an optimistic outlook, one that shook the government at the time and one sure to shake you.



The reader was excellent. Great narration

Odile-September 11 2019

- Uncle Tom's Cabin

I really enjoyed the book. Beautifully read made me cry


- Uncle Tom's Cabin

Lovely book. very captivating. Not just a book to some of us anyway.

John Greenman

- Reader’s name

Due to an unfortunate oversight, the reader’s name (John Greenman) was not included


- Who is this reader?

Excellent. If the name was given, Id listen to all his audio books.


- Uncle Tom's Cabin

Excellent book. Excellently narrated. Wished his name was given, I'd like to listen to other books read by him.


- more tripe

HBS never even visited the South so she had no knowledge of her subject matter. This is just a made up story about the "poor" maligned slaves. This kind of thing never happened - it is just made up drama. Read real history and find out the truth.


- Uncle Tom’s Cabin

I really enjoyed this book! The narrator did an excellent job in portraying the many characters. This was one of the best audiobooks I’ve listened to, in part due to the excellent reading of the narrator.

Sarah Shouts

Amazing Book everyone should read! Shows a different view point on slavery brings to light the problems of dividing of families. Shows strength of character, personal sacrifice, the evil of man and the beauty of good.

John Coman

- Awesome Book

Great book read by a very talented reader. Reader does a great job with all the characters. Author tells a story that would make me proud to be called an "Uncle Tom".


- Amazing

This narrator is one of the best I've ever listened to in this domain.


- Uncle Tom's Cabin

This narrator is amazing and really bring the story to life. He has definite character differences and it makes it much better.


- uncle tom's cabin

The reader of this book is extraordinary!! Really brings the book to life.


- Great Narration

This narrator does a great job with the many voices in the book. He was consistent throughout the entire book. excellent job and great story even if it was heart wrenching.

Adam Kedrowski

What a moving book, absolutely superb


- Worthy of its timeless literature.

Great book, an inspiring talented woman for her time.


- Review

I have listened to numerous loyalbooks recordings and this by far is the best. The narrator does a fantastic job of speaking for each character, bringing the story to life. Great book!


- author

"There is no doubt of the genuineness of Howe's ...."


- Great

I agree it was a tear jerker! Should be read by everyone.

Muneca Blanco

- Heart-wrenching read

This was more than a tear jerker! I found it enlightening and encouraging. It brought me back to the place of hopeful selflessness of when I first received the Holy Ghost. I do believe I am touched on such a deep level that I may never be the same!


- Wonderfully Good

I recommend everyone to read this book. Should of been required in High School! I found it by accident and so glad I did. It tells the story of times past that history books don't show us. Will come back to listen to it again in the future!


- Glorious

Last half of the book was deeply moving in a spiritual sense as the hope of heaven overcomes the wickedness of man's plight on this earth. The entire work is an interesting analysis of attitudes of the time regarding blacks and whites, masters and servants which also prompts interesting comparison to the employer/employee relationship of today.


- Amazing book

Absolutely great book and great reader.


- Narrator

Completely Superb! Narrator was absolutely enthralling as he read this story that will move your heart!


- Terrific work

Very good book (except the last chapter, after the story ended, got very preachy). Easy to listen to, great narration.


- Reviewer

Wonderful 2 listen to - so fluently & beautifully read.


- Reviewer

Incredible story. Everyone should read it. Thank you to the reader who did an amazing job bringing the characters to life. My daughter often asked me to stop reading and play the audio. Fantastic!


- Reviewer

Wonderful 2 listen to - so fluently & beautifully read.


- A Must

This is a beautifully written book of not so good times and could not have been narrated better. He so captivated the times was a joy to listen too.


- Wonderful

A wonderfully written book on a very important subject but was so beautifully read by the narrator. He captured it all so beautifully.


- Reviewer

This book was great I thought the realness of it was amazing and it was something that I really enjoyed!!!!


The reader is very talented, though I do wish they would censor the use of the n-word.

Keith W

- Excellent

Fantastic and enlightening book. Well written and brilliantly read.


- Supebe!

The reader is wonderful, and the story so touching I needed more than one handkerchief. Thanks!

What a "GREAT" narration of this book by the reader! Thank you so much for bringing the book to life.


A most remarkable book with an inspired and generous reader. Thank you


A very moving story and so well read. I didn't want it to end. Well worth listening to


- Better than I expected!

This was a great book. The reader was superb and the author a genius. I've learned so much of our history through this book and would recommend it to anyone and everyone to read. I am glad I decided to listen to this book. I have so much respect for Harriett Beecher-Stowe and her talent as a writer.


Thank-you, got me through my book!


Must read, part of our history. Reader was amazing, engaging and moving. Felt like I was taken back into time.


- Excellent!

Incredible story and an excellent reading.


Beautiful book!


- Review

Beautiful narration.


- Thought Provoking

Thought provoking book. I also recommend reading the wiki regarding this book, the author and the effect the book had both in the USA and England. I did not know it was such a significant literary "event". I thought the narrator did a good job - a 4/5 but only because sometimes she made the characters sound a little cartoonish - particularly the women and young girls.


- Awesome!

The reader is wonderful. Great emotions and inflection. I couldn't stop listening.


- Awesome

Best book I've ever read! WOW


- Awesome!

Quite possibly the best book I've ever read/listened to. The narrator was amazing and breathed life into all the characters. Being an African American, I found this book one of, if not, the best chronicle of lives of slaves. I've truly learned a lot and NOW understand the history a little better. It was interesting getting a bunch of different aspects or voices of that time. I highly recommend this. "nebber was born" Topsy (loved that wicked child) LOL


My sincere thanks to the reader- you brought this complex book to life, and kept my attention on every word. Thank you again


- Deeply moving

Profound understanding of the emotions and convictions, good and bad, of the human condition. Excellent narration.


- Enjoyed it

What a good reader, my compliments.


- Outstanding

A pleasure to listen to this book while on my daily commute.


- Review

Excellent book with excellent narration. I highly recommend this book.


- Even more profound when read as an adult

I read an excerpt as a teen (censorship) but didn't really grasp the historical significance back then. Stowe is a true heroine for bringing to light the plight of slaves.

Phillip Dauben

- Awesome

Absolutely awesome. I can't think of a better book.


Great book. A must have in any intellectual library.


Definitely a classic - so much depth.