Triplanetary cover


E.E. “Doc” Smith (1890-1965)

1. 01 – Pirates of Space
2. 02 – In Roger’s Planetoid
3. 03 – Fleet Against Planetoid
4. 04 – Within the Red Veil
5. 05 – Nevian Strife
6. 06 – Worms, Submarines, and Freedom
7. 07 – The Hill
8. 08 – The Super-Ship Is Launched
9. 09 – Specimens
10. 10 – The “Boise” Acts
11. 11 – Roger Carries On
12. 12 – The Specimens Escape
13. 13 – The Meeting of the Giants

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“Doc” E.E. Smith pretty much invented the space opera genre, and Triplanetary is a good and well-known example. Physics, time, and politics never stand in the way of a plot that gallops ahead without letup. Having earned a PhD in chemical engineering, it’s understandable that the heroes of Smith’s story are all scientists. He didn’t want to be constrained by the limits of known science, however, so in his hands the electromagnetic spectrum becomes a raw material to be molded into ever-more amazing and lethal forms, and the speed of light is no bar to traveling through the interstellar void.Come enjoy this story of yesteryear, set in tomorrow, where real women ignite love at a glance, real men achieve in days what governments manage in decades, and aliens are an ever-present threat to Life-As-We-Know-It!


Steve Keighran

- Review

This is a book that I read as a young man of about 24 years. I loved the book and series at the time and I thought "hey why not?" and I decided to listen to it and re-live the experience. I do not know Phil, the man who read this book to me, but I feel as I now know him well. Phil is very easy to listen to, he has the amazing ability to change his voice throughout the book so that the characters come to life as he reads. Thanks Phil you did a great job and you made the book a real thrilling adventure to re-live after all these years. The book is old, let's face it, but the themes and the technology that Doc refers to is amazing, he must have had an incredible imagination for a man of his time. I loved listening to the Book Triplanetary and apart from the corny 'love' moments interspersed throughout the book, I still rate this book as a MUST READ or better still a MUST LISTEN TO for avid Sci Fi fans. In fact the whole series is a great read. Once again top job Phil.