The Adventures of Tom Sawyer cover

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain (1835-1910)

1. Chapters 01 to 02
2. Chapters 03 to 04
3. Chapters 05 to 06
4. Chapters 07 to 08
5. Chapters 09 to 10
6. Chapters 11 to 12
7. Chapters 13 to 15
8. Chapters 16 to 17
9. Chapters 18 to 20
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15. Chapter 30
16. Chapters 31 to 32
17. Chapters 33 to 35

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If ever there was a story written based unabashedly on adventure and trouble, this is it. There are treasure hunts and murderers on the run in this book that will keep you spellbound. Tom and his half-brother, Sid, lived with their aunt, Polly. Tom was a boisterous young fellow who constantly found himself in rather awkward situations that landed him into trouble. These situations were however exceedingly hilarious. On one occasion, Tom dirtied his clothes in a fight and his punishment was to whitewash the fence the following day. He cunningly got his friends to not only beg to do the work for him but also to pay him for the privilege! Tom and his friend, Huckleberry Finn visited the graveyard one night and witnessed the murder of Dr. Robinson. In fear they ran away to an island but soon came back home when they learned that their parents thought they were dead. But what became of the murderer on the run? Tom Sawyer is a story told in such an engaging manner that you'll want to read it all in one sitting. The characters are vibrant and alive and the language simple, fun and engaging. If you have the stomach for such a story full of humor and horror, this book will not disappoint.



- Narrator

I have been addicted to the way he narrates


- narrator

the narrator is so good


- Narrator

I like the way how he narrates the story.


- Narrator

the narrator reads really slow and I read a lot faster by myself so pick up the pace.

Rob Gronkowski


As my fellow player said TomSawyer is a great book by mark Twain. Its great for the boys on road trips.


this book is good but it takes forever to to finsh but in move is better and that good that he like at the and she just wont that money and that guy an cort throw a knife at hime


- Narrator

i like the Narrator and the all story it,s really great story

- book

good book it was a mix of battfeild 1 and goat sim


- Narrator

I love the Narrator!


I like it the way the narrator tells the story