The Return of Tarzan cover

The Return of Tarzan

Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950)

1. Chapter 01 – The Affair on the Liner
2. Chapter 02 – Forging Bonds of Hate and——?
3. Chapter 03 – What Happened in the Rue Maule
4. Chapter 04 – The Countess Explains
5. Chapter 05 – The Plot That Failed
6. Chapter 06 – A Duel
7. Chapter 07 – The Dancing Girl of Sidi Aissa
8. Chapter 08 – The Fight in the Desert
9. Chapter 09 – Numa ‘El Adrea’
10. Chapter 10 – Through the Valley of the Shadow
11. Chapter 11 – John Caldwell, London
12. Chapter 12 – Ships That Pass
13. Chapter 13 – The Wreck of the ‘Lady Alice’
14. Chapter 14 – Back to the Primitive
15. Chapter 15 – From Ape to Savage
16. Chapter 16 – The Ivory Raiders
17. Chapter 17 – The White Chief of the Waziri
18. Chapter 18 – The Lottery of Death
19. Chapter 19 – The City of Gold
20. Chapter 20 – La
21. Chapter 21 – The Castaways
22. Chapter 22 – The Treasure Vaults of Opar
23. Chapter 23 – The Fifty Frightful Men
24. Chapter 24 – How Tarzan Came Again to Opar
25. Chapter 25 – Through the Forest Primeval
26. Chapter 26 – The Passing of the Ape-Man

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The novel picks up where Tarzan of the Apes left off. The ape man, feeling rootless in the wake of his noble sacrifice of his prospects of wedding Jane Porter, leaves America for Europe to visit his friend Paul d’Arnot. On the ship he becomes embroiled in the affairs of Countess Olga de Coude, her husband, Count Raoul de Coude, and two shady characters attempting to prey on them, Nikolas Rokoff and his henchman Alexis Paulvitch.



- Review return of tarzan

I throughly enjoyed this book. Excellent job narrating by Ralph Snelson. He is one of my favorite narrators. On to the next adventure!


A great follow up of a great book. Well read as well.

I truly enjoyed this story. It was excellent!


- Tarzan

Excellent after you get used to the new reader..most relaxing voice. 2 thumbs up!


- Return of Tarzan

Took me a while to adjust to the new voice but once accepted i found the reading very enjoyable..!

What a terrible reader, I couldn't tell half the time if a woman or a man was speaking - Where is Smith the reader?