The Mysterious Island cover

The Mysterious Island

Jules Verne (1828-1905)

1. 1-01 The Storm of 1865. Voices in the Air.
2. 1-02 An Incident in the War of Secession
3. 1-03 Five O’Clock in the Evening
4. 1-04 Lithodomes. The River’s Mouth. The Chimneys.
5. 1-05 Arranging the Chimneys. How to Procure Fire.
6. 1-06 The Inventory of the Castaways. Expedition to the Forest.
7. 1-07 Neb Has Not Yet Returned. A Threatening Night.
8. 1-08 Is Cyrus Harding Living? Neb’s Recital.
9. 1-09 Cyrus is Here. Pencroft’s Attempts.
10. 1-10 The Engineer’s Invention. Volcanic Soil.
11. 1-11 At the Summit of the Cone
12. 1-12 Regulating the Watches. Pencroft is Satisfied.
13. 1-13 What is Found Upon Top
14. 1-14 Measuring the Cliff. Latitude of the Island.
15. 1-15 It Is Decided to Winter on the Island
16. 1-16 The Question of a Dwelling is Again Discussed.
17. 1-17 Visit to the Lake. The Indicating Current.
18. 1-18 Pencroft Now Doubts Nothing
19. 1-19 Cyrus Harding’s Project. The Rope Ladder.
20. 1-20 The Rainy Season. The Question of Clothes.
21. 1-21 Some Degrees Below Zero.
22. 1-22 Traps. Foxes. Peccaries.
23. 2-01 Conversation on the Subject of the Bullet
24. 2-02 First Trial of the Canoe. A Wreck on the Coast.
25. 2-03 The Start. The Rising Tide.
26. 2-04 Journey to the Coast. Troops of Monkeys.
27. 2-05 Proposal to Return By the Southern Shore
28. 2-06 Pencroft’s Halloos. A Night in the Chimneys.
29. 2-07 Plans. A Bridge Over the Mercy.
30. 2-08 Linen. Shoes of Seal-Leather.
31. 2-09 Bad Weather. The Hydraulic Lift.
32. 2-10 Boat-Building. Second Crop of Corn.
33. 2-11 Winter. Felling Wood. The Mill.
34. 2-12 The Rigging of the Vessel
35. 2-13 Departure Decided Upon. Conjectures.
36. 2-14 The Inventory. Night. A Few Letters.
37. 2-15 The Return. Discussion.
38. 2-16 A Mystery to be Cleared Up.
39. 2-17 Still Alone. The Stranger’s Request.
40. 2-18 Conversation. Cyrus Harding and Gideon Spilett.
41. 2-19 Recollections of Their Native Land
42. 2-20 A Night at Sea. Shark Gulf. Confidences.
43. 3-01 Lost or Saved? Ayrton Summoned.
44. 3-02 Discussions. Presentiments.
45. 3-03 The Mist Rises. The Engineer’s Preparations.
46. 3-04 The Colonists on the Beach.
47. 3-05 The Engineer’s Declaration.
48. 3-06 Expeditions Planned. Ayrton at the Corral.
49. 3-07 The Reporter and Pencroft in the Corral
50. 3-08 The Convicts in the Neighborhood of the Corral
51. 3-09 No news of Neb. A Proposal.
52. 3-10 Herbert Carried to Granite House
53. 3-11 Inexplicable Mystery. Herbert’s Convalescence.
54. 3-12 Exploration on the Serpentine Peninsula.
55. 3-13 Ayrton’s Story. A Subterranean Volcano.
56. 3-14 Three Years Have Passed. The New Vessel.
57. 3-15 The Awakening of the Volcano. The Fine Season.
58. 3-16 Captain Nemo. His First Words.
59. 3-17 Last Moments of Captain Nemo
60. 3-18 Reflections of the Colonists
61. 3-19 Cyrus Harding’s Account of His Exploration
62. 3-20 An Isolated Rock in the Pacific

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The Mysterious Island is another exquisite novel written by the master of adventure writing, Jules Verne. The novel has been seen as the sequel to two other famous novels written by the same author: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and In Search of the Castaway. The story revolves around five Americans who live in a dark and harsh environment as prisoners of the American Civil War. Depleted by famine and death all around them, the five war prisoners take a big risk and escape by hijacking a hot air balloon. The five fugitives, an engineer, a servant, a former slave, a sailor and a journalist have to face an ugly and destroying storm, crashing on a mysterious volcanic island. The five men start a new living there, but circumstances soon become mysterious when a message in a bottle turns up on the beach. With pirate attacks and erupting volcanoes these five escapees get more than they bargained for. This book is a fun read for anyone with an adventurous spirit deep inside.



- Mysterious Island

An excellent book and well read by Mark Smith.


- Great book

Mark Smith is such a fantastic reader. The book itself has a very engaging story but once or twice got a bit too technical. Theres a whole chapter describing chemical reactions. Other than that I highly recommend. Thank you


- GREAT read GREAT reader

Mark Smith is a LibriVox rockstar. This is an all-around amazing story from beginning to end. Jules Verne outdid himself with this timeless treasure.


- the mysterious island

an absolute joy to listen to.


- Great book great app!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The reader did a superb job!!!


- Great website

I would have killed myself if I did not have this fantastic website to keep me company


- Good book

The book was really good. but the sound was bad unto the fourth chapter.


- Review

Mark Smith is one of my favorite narrators and does an outstanding job as always. This would be a great book to have if you ever were lost on a deserted island! So much knowledge is shared and I learned a lot. I highly recommend this book.

delia pineda

- really great syories

The story was good, althuogh the sound of the first 4 chapters was not good. Anyway I like it.

Nam Nguyen Hoang

- great story

The story was good, althuogh the sound of the first 4 chapters was not good. Anyway I like it.


- Good books

this was a great book


Interesting story and a wonderful reader.


- Terrible sound

Try to get through the first 4 chapters of terrible sound quality...

John Lott

Totally awesome all the thought the story


- John T Koos

Classic story, completely ruined by John T Koos who's emphasis on the wrong words, pausing that makes you think the reading is being read by Captain James T Kirk and impressions of an English man, Irish man and Scots man should be left in jokes makes some of the chapters almost impossible to follow along to! A big thank you to all those other readers for their time and excellent work.


As good as, if not better than, Robinson Crusoe


- S

Slow start, but overall great story that I will remember forever and well read!


Great book nearly ruined by the reading of John T Kooz who seems to delight in not only placing strange emphasis on words, but talking in ridiculous voices that mock the characters.

Pretty poor quality recording before chapter 4.


- John T. Coos

Please tell this reader to avoid placing strange emphasis on words. He also randomly switches accents and seems to put so much effort in this that he runs out of air.


- The Mysterious Island

The guy who reads chapters 12-18 has a really annoying voice and switches accents very distractingly. He also put strange emphasis on words and seems like he's basically trying to annoy the listener as much as possible. Other than that, great audiobook!


The quality of the recording made me stop after 30mins. Need a better recording to make it enjoyable.


- The mysterious Island

Thank you Mark Smith, your reading is wonderful!!!


- Thank You!

This book shaped my late childhood and I can surely say, my personality. I remember the long evenings as I read it for my younger brother, and now, almost 20 years later Mark read it to me with his beautiful, calm voice. I was again on Lincoln island. Thank you so much!


- The Mysterious Island

I started listening to it but it somehow bored me due to the fact that nothing exciting happens as the plot progresses. I forced myself to listen to it, for I am a Jules Verne fan, but I couldn't follow it further than the 16th chapter. Up until that part there are only reports of how these castaways struggled to survive in a deserted island. I don't know if the plot gets any better as the story unfolds itself but I couldn't continue listening to it. The reader was excellent,though.His voice was very easy to follow.