The Count of Monte Cristo cover

The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870)

1. 001 – Marseilles–The Arrival
2. 002 – Father and Son
3. 003 – The Catalans
4. 004 – Conspiracy
5. 005 – The Marriage-Feast
6. 006 – The Deputy Procureur du Roi
7. 007 – The Examination
8. 008 – The Chateau D’If
9. 009 – The Evening of the Betrothal
10. 010 – The King’s Closet at the Tuileries
11. 011 – The Corsican Ogre
12. 012 – Father and Son
13. 013 – The Hundred Days
14. 014 – The Two Prisoners
15. 015 – Number 34 and Number 27
16. 016 – A Learned Italian
17. 017 – The Abbe’s Chamber
18. 018 – The Treasure
19. 019 – The Third Attack
20. 020 – The Cemetary of Chateau D’If
21. 021 – The Island of Tiboulen
22. 022 – The Smugglers
23. 023 – The Island of Monte Cristo
24. 024 – The Secret Cave
25. 025 – The Unknown
26. 025alt – The Unknown
27. 026 – The Pont du Gard Inn
28. 026alt – The Pont du Gard Inn
29. 027 – The Story
30. 028 – The Prison Register
31. 029 – The House of Morrel & Son
32. 030 – The Fifth of September
33. 031 – Italy: Sinbad the Sailor
34. 031alt – Italy: Sinbad the Sailor
35. 032 – The Waking
36. 032alt – The Waking
37. 033 – Roman Bandits
38. 033alt – Roman Bandits
39. 034a – The Colosseum part 1
40. 034b – The Colosseum part 2
41. 035 – La Mazzolata
42. 036 – The Carnival at Rome
43. 037 – The Catacombs of Saint Sebastian
44. 038 – The Compact
45. 039 – The Guest
46. 040 – The Breakfast
47. 041 – The Presentation
48. 042 – Monsieur Bertuccio
49. 043 – The House at Auteuil
50. 043alt – The House at Auteuil
51. 044 – The Vendetta
52. 044alt – The Vendetta
53. 045 – The Rain of Blood
54. 045alt – The Rain of Blood
55. 046 – Unlimited Credit
56. 047 – The Dappled Greys
57. 048 – The Ideology
58. 049 – Haidee
59. 050 – The Morrel Family
60. 051 – Pyramus and Thisbe
61. 052 – Toxicology
62. 053 – Robert le Diable
63. 054 – A Flurry in Stocks
64. 055 – Major Cavalcanti
65. 056 – Andrea Cavalcanti
66. 057 – In the Lucerne Patch
67. 058 – M. Noirtier de Villefort
68. 059 – The Will
69. 060 – The Telegraph
70. 061 – How a Gardener…
71. 062 – Ghosts
72. 063 – The Dinner
73. 064 – The Beggar
74. 065 – A Conjugal Scene
75. 066 – Matrimonial Projects
76. 067 – At the Office of the King’s Attorney
77. 068 – A Summer Ball
78. 069 – The Inquiry
79. 070 – The Ball
80. 071 – Bread and Salt
81. 072 – Madame de Saint-Meran
82. 073 – The Promise, part 1
83. 073 – The Promise, part 2
84. 074 – The Villefort Family Vault
85. 075 – A Signed Statement
86. 076 – The Progress of Cavalcanti the Younger
87. 077 – Haidee
88. 078 – We Hear from Yanina
89. 079 – The Lemonade
90. 080 – The Accusation
91. 081 – The Room of the Retired Baker
92. 082 – The Burglary
93. 083 – The Hand of God
94. 084 – Beauchamp
95. 085 – The Journey
96. 086 – The Trial
97. 087 – The Challenge
98. 088 – The Insult
99. 089 – A Nocturnal Visit
100. 090 – The Meeting
101. 091 – Mother and Son
102. 092 – The Suicide
103. 093 – Valentine
104. 094 – Maximilian’s Avowal
105. 094alt – Maximilian’s Avowal
106. 095 – Father and Daughter
107. 096 – The Contract
108. 097 – The Departure for Belgium
109. 098 – The Bell and Bottle Tavern
110. 099 – The Law
111. 100 – The Apparition
112. 101 – Locusta
113. 102 – Valentine
114. 103 – Maximilian
115. 104 – Danglars Signature
116. 105 – The Cemetery of Pere-la-Chaise
117. 106 – Dividing the Proceeds
118. 107 – The Lions’ Den
119. 108 – The Judge
120. 109 – The Assizes
121. 110 – The Indictment
122. 111 – Expiation
123. 112 – The Departure
124. 113 – The Past
125. 114 – Peppino
126. 115 – Luigi Vampa’s Bill of Fare
127. 116 – The Pardon
128. 117 – The Fifth of October

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Written by French author Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo follows the life of Edmond Dantes as he embarks on a journey of revenge after being wrongly imprisoned and set up by none other than his so-called friends. Set during the years after the fall of Napoleon’s empire, the story unwinds in several locations including Paris, Marseilles, Rome, Monte Cristo and Constantinople. A handsome young sailor and soon to be ship captain Edmond Dantes seems to have it all in life, as he returns to Marseilles to wed the love of his life and fiancée, the beautiful Mercedes. However, Edmond’s supposed friends have a hard time staying indifferent to his growing success, and their true jealous nature is revealed. Each has their own reason to envy Edmond. Danglers, who is a colleague of Edmonds, envies his career success, Fernand Mondego is in love with Edmonds fiancée, while his neighbor Caderousse is envious of his luck in life in general. Just as Edmond is about to pick the fruits that life has bore him, he is framed by the dangerously jealous trio, accused of being a traitor and unjustly sentenced to life in prison. As Edmond makes certain acquaintances in prison, he is determined to escape from his confinement and take the vengeance that is rightfully his. When Edmond does in turn return to the world of the free, he acquires a new identity and is motivated by his hunger for revenge. It is not said in vain that revenge is a dish best served cold. An intriguing novel of justice, vengeance, mercy and redemption, The Count of Monte Cristo follows its protagonist as he goes through his numerous masks shifting into several aliases including the Count of Monte Cristo, Sinbad the Sailor, Lord Wilmore, and Abbé Busoni. What makes the novel even more captivating is the fact that it is based on a true story. Captivating and keeping the reader at full throttle from beginning to end, it is no wonder the novel is a worldwide literary classic.



- Readers

Chip from Florida is amazing! Pity there wasn't more of his reading! The Russian lady and at times the Asian college student were so hard to understand I had to go find a copy of the book and read those chapters to fill in.


great story, great readers! the alternative readings solve previous problems with understanding foreign accents

Rowdyy Ronnie

- Hard To Understand

Its hard to understand..


- grate reading of david clark

i enjoy the acting reading, the story the book... very good. i am sure that if i would have start tesding bymiself not listening i would have abandon it after few chapters... thanks for making me enjoy it.


- Readers

Some of the readers where very hard to understand and required these chapters to be listened to a couple of times to maintain the plot this distracted from the enjoyment.

Lorena B

- Montecristo rocks

Awesome classic, lonnngggg by worth every minute

- Great story - .pity about the readers

I nearly gave up after Chapter 6 - as I couldn't understand the non-English accents. Yes they are volunteers BUT there should be some screening for intelligibility.


- Great read

Excellent book, cleverly crafted. Well read.

Jen Ferriere

- Such a great story...

Ok what everyone has said is true, some of the readers are awful, truly, you have to strain to understand them. But most of them are passable and even great and the story is so amazing I personally thought it was well worth it!


- Great story and mostly great readers

Enjoyed almost all the readersame but a few chapters were hard to get through but since its voulenteers I appreciate it all


- Reading

I have just finished listening to The Count of Monte Cristo chapter 36. It was very difficult to understand what was being read because it was read very rapidly. It also seems that people with strong accents not only mispronounce words but skip some especially "THE". Do you screen these readers?

Lance King

- Great Story...but

Unfortunate that some narrators are very hard to understand. Taking away from the storyline.

Michael D

- Readers

i made it to chapter 8, the first reader was good and got me going. the 2nd made it come to life. the following reader, I am so sorry to say it sounds like a great book. but can not continue because of the readers that have been taken up.

John H

- 90% great readers

Do NOT miss this book because of 10% of it's readers. Read along so you don't get lost, if you can. The other fine readers will fill you in enough as the wonderful story unfolds. The 10% might make you cry, but this book should not be missed. Thank you PS 90% is an "A"!!

jacinto bajo flores

- readers

I love this book. But, depending who is reading, it becomes a completely different book altoghether. Some readers are so good, that I would pay money for having him reading the entire book. Others are not bad, but when a flat voice, with a strong foreign accent misreading the book appears, I cry. If Dumas could hear....


- Here is a much better reading

One of the best readings I have ever heard.

Vince R

- readers

I realize that these readers are volunteers but whoever is making the final decision on what we end up with should be fired. I challenge anyone not familiar with the story to get through chapter 36 and know what the heck is going on. Not only is her English horrific but she is reading so fast that understanding her is impossible.

People that have English as a second language should not be aloud to read for this . since my eyes stopped working as they should this is the only way i can listen to my favorite story's chapter 25 is very very bad

Carla B

Great book. Accents heavy, but I didn't have trouble with them. I wonder why so many non-native speakers volunteer to read? Is it part of a class assignment? Bad idea.


- Readers

As stated below many times best book ever, so it is really sad that some of the readers massacred this story by their narration...



Readers who have English as a second language make this book difficult to listen to. There are many excellent readers but those with ESL make it very hard at times to follow this magnificent story.

Phillip Dauben

- Great book!

This is such a great book and often found myself staying up past midnight listening. I do have to say that some of the readers really were bad and the thought crossed my mind more than once that they were reading a chapter as a part of an English as a Second Language class assignment. I wouldn't let the reading discourage you though. This was worth it and the reading gradually got better. Five stars for the book, three for the reading.


- The Count of Monte Cristo

The book is very good but some of the readers make it impossible to keep track it got 20 hours in and had to give up really was a struggle to keep track. There is a perfect copy on a well known pirate site i found. so i listened to the full book so glad i did. Really is a amazing book


- Readers

The book is excellent. However, some of the readers do not have an excellent command of the English language and made it difficult to listen to portions of the book. Those with less than perfect English should not volunteer to read. Ultimately, it provides a less than desirable listening experience.


- Book

This is an awesome book, I loved the first part especially, although the revenge is pretty sweet too. I liked the ending also, overall probably my favorite book. Alexandre Dumas is the man!


- Fanastic - but could be improved

This is an amazing story, very much worth following through to the end. Some of the readers are quite fantastic and it was great to hear such an array of voices. However, I concur with past comments that certain chapters may need to be re-recorded. I hate to draw attention to one reader in particular, but the voice of the 25th chapter, who may be from Portugal, is one of the hardest to comprehend. I get the impression she struggles with the meaning of certain words which are not expressed correctly and appear to be glossed over too quickly. I don't mean to offend, I think she does overall a great service by volunteering, and her recordings improve throughout the book. Still, chapter 25 demonstrates how hard it can be to follow the story line.


I wish I could hear this fascinating story everyone is talking about! I am afraid I got lost in all the terrible narration starting in the 5th chapter area. I tried to push through but I just gave up.


- Amazing

I haven't listened to it here but I've read it 3 times. I absolutely love it!!!


- Hard to Listen Too

Was enjoying the book but after about the 28th chapter I couldn't understand the accent of the reader, I had to stop listing to it because I couldn't understand It.


- Unlistenable

Early chapters were good. The readers in the middle had a French accent that made it impossible to understand most of it. Finally had to give up and borrow it from the library.

Yes! A great book. Readers are mostly good, but the story really is the best part of this.


- Excellent

Very long, but very good intertwined story.

Ubaydullakh Khan

- Great Book

This was a great book for me.


- Great Book

I agree that it was hard to understand a few of the readers.. Unfortunate..


- Good book. Questionable recording.

As the previous reviewers have said. The book is quite excellent, but some of the narrators are just not good. The first two are okay and they last you to chapter 5, but after that the third reader makes listening quite unbearable.

Y. Baker

- Excellent Story. I do recommend this!!!

As describe in other reviews some chapters are hard to listen to because of the strong accents of some readers. But you get so involved that you can get past it. The story holds your attention and is very thrilling


- Great Book - This reading is hard to listen to.

Although this is such a great book, this reading is very difficult to listen to at times. Instead of the entire book being read by one reader, chapters are read by different readers. Some of the chapters are great because the reader has an excellent command of the English language. While some, are not so good. The combination of, at times, poor quality audio as well as the heavy accent of the reader makes it hard to understand. These chapters are not enjoyable. And just when you think that you've gotten through a chapter and hope that you never hear this person speak again, they are again reading a few chapters later. Although I do appreciate the effort of the readers, I would not recommend this to anyone.

I can't get past the second reader. They mispronounce things and I find that the midwestern accent just doesn't really work with the material in this case.