Adventures of Tom Sawyer (version 2 dramatic reading) cover

Adventures of Tom Sawyer (version 2 dramatic reading)

Mark Twain (1835-1910)

1. Preface
2. Chapter 1
3. Chapter 2
4. Chapter 3
5. Chapter 4
6. Chapter 5
7. Chapter 6
8. Chapter 7
9. Chapter 8
10. Chapter 9
11. Chapter 10
12. Chapter 11
13. Chapter 12
14. Chapter 13
15. Chapter 14
16. Chapter 15
17. Chapter 16
18. Chapter 17
19. Chapter 18
20. Chapter 19
21. Chapter 20
22. Chapter 21
23. Chapter 22
24. Chapter 23
25. Chapter 24
26. Chapter 25
27. Chapter 26
28. Chapter 27
29. Chapter 28
30. Chapter 29
31. Chapter 30
32. Chapter 31
33. Chapter 32
34. Chapter 33
35. Chapter 34
36. Chapter 35
37. Conclusion

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    Growing up on the banks of the Mississippi river, a mischievous boy named Tom Sawyer spends his days getting into one scrape after another. Tom's constant cleverness, superstition, trickery, and daring make him a handful to raise, and his Aunt Polly declares that she has "never seen the beat of that boy!" Tom is essentially good-hearted, however, but when he is witness to a horrible crime, his courage and integrity are tested beyond anything he ever expected. A note to parents: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is considered a children's classic, but contains racial slurs which, although "acceptable" in the time and place of the story's setting, will likely offend modern listeners.


    PRAKASH Reddy

    - Narrator

    I have been addicted to the way he narrates


    - narrator

    the narrator is so good


    - Narrator

    I like the way how he narrates the story.


    - Narrator

    the narrator reads really slow and I read a lot faster by myself so pick up the pace.

    Rob Gronkowski


    As my fellow player said TomSawyer is a great book by mark Twain. Its great for the boys on road trips.


    this book is good but it takes forever to to finsh but in move is better and that good that he like at the and she just wont that money and that guy an cort throw a knife at hime


    - Narrator

    i like the Narrator and the all story it,s really great story

    - book

    good book it was a mix of battfeild 1 and goat sim


    - Narrator

    I love the Narrator!


    I like it the way the narrator tells the story