Pride and Prejudice cover

Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen (1775-1817)

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Austen’s timeless romantic classic, follows the lives of the five Bennett sisters, who live in a time where an advantageous marriage and social status are considered a fundamental for any woman to stand a fair chance at life. Set at the turn of the 19th century, Pride and Prejudice catches a perfect glimpse not only of a time when women were socially and economically dependent solely on their marital status, but also as an age of enlightenment and witness of the French Revolution. This romantic novel with its hint of comic references begins with the famous quote "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife." This famous quotation sets the story into motion as the eligible Mr. Bingley is introduced as he rides into town. The quote also draws in and to some extent reveals the content of the plot to come. Soon the news of the arrival of the well off Charles Bingley finds its way to the ears of the Bennett household. Having five unmarried daughters, the Bennetts are eager to match them up with suitable spouse candidates and see them prosperously married. After attending a ball, Mr. Bingley is instantly attracted to the oldest Bennett daughter Jane and it is fair to say that the feeling is mutual. Such cannot be said about his close friend Mr. Darcy who rudely refuses to dance with the second Bennett daughter Elizabeth. Consequently, Elizabeth’s first prejudice is born as she labels Mr. Darcy arrogant and obnoxious; however, she later learns never to judge a book by its cover and must swallow up her pride to achieve happiness. Pride and Prejudice witnesses the exciting courtships of the Bennett sisters and their suitors, as well as the not so joyful relationships of other characters. As the novel develops the relationships between the characters must outweigh the forces seeking to tear them apart. Experience the adventures of the Bennett sisters as they face the troublesome issues of manners, social class, family, and marriages in a male reliant society. A story not only portraying the unreliable nature of pride and prejudice, Austen’s classic also paints a vivid image of the past and the woman as a member of society.


the best book ever


I love your works and I love you. Thanks


wonderfully read, thank you. So nice to finally read and attempt to grasp or interpret the ideologies from a time past and be thankful for who we are as women today. This book and it's author are a part of the many small steps taken through history toward the equalizing of gender.

Lovely voice enjoyable listening!

Nell B


Enjoyed the readers perfect reading, made the book even more enjoyable...


- Pride and Prejudice

It exceeded my expectations. I am not really into fictional stories and romances so I was a bit reticent, but I most say that I loved it. Sometimes it gets too much into detail, and I was tempted to move forward that scenes but I listened anyway and overall was worth it. Saw the movie afterwards and enjoyed the story even more! Trully recommend!


- LOVE!!!!!

Loved the voices!!!!


- Pride and Prejudice

I trulley injoyed listening to this book thank you for your time in reading it for us.


- Perfection

perfect pacing, perfect tone and accent !!!!!!!



I really like this book very nice



I love the reader's pace, voice, tone and accent ♥


- It’s nice novel

I love this novel


thank you so much! your voice is super great!

Melrose Laws

- Finding Love At Last ( If only in a book )

I love this story; equally as her other books . Wonderfully written, spell bounding and enchanting, cover to cover. Thank you; for this opportunity to have been whisked away to another time; finding love at last !


- Not working

This podcast is no longer working. Neither on the website nor on apple podcast.


My favorite book of all time. I highly recommend it.


I love reader voice.Thank you very much.


- P&P

Beautiful narration. Great book.


- this book is boring

it's makes women look stupid and dependent on a man so I do not approve of this title


- Great

This is one of my favorite books, and the reader does a very good job, good pace, and changes voices/tones for each character very well.


- Pride and prejudice.

Somewhat typical 19th century stuffy English literature. Loved by English professors detested by people of taste, including Mark Twain.


- Best so far

I enjoyed listening to this audio. Couldn't let go of my phone or headset. Elizabeth Clett you did a great job, you did justice to the entire book. Weldone


- Story and narration

Love the novel since ever and loved narration by Elizabeth. Great job!


Loved it. And the reading was excellent.

she had better kept the american acent


- Love it!

Great book & a terrific reader; I especially enjoyed all the different voices provided for the characters. I give a big thumbs up!


thank you so much ! I am really enjoy the story. And I love reader voice


- narrator

The writer is British.. Why she reads it in American?

No Limit 2017

- Very Good

Elizabeth Clett, is the best reader, when I had to read this book for school, I found it and started reading it and well what I'm trying to say is, thank you for reading it and making up the voices for the characters


- great voice

i like this audio book verymuch...


- Excellent

Elizabeth does an excellent job reading the book. Love the voices she did to represent different characters.


- great job!

Terrific job reading! Too bad the chapters are so short,.



it helped me so much with my homework, when I had to read 5 chapters at a time so its good that you can go back and don't have to remember what part the chapter was like other ones this is great!


- This book

i could hear her voice for ever!! amzing!!


- wonderful

really good book


- Reading made simple!

I've been longing to read this book but couldn't due to work pressure but listening to her read makes it so enjoyable!!! Her voice is quite animated.

Venerable Sumangala

- Excellent

Great model family is shown here to be followed. Thanks a lot for the great work


- Excellent!!

Not only a wonderful book, but Elizabeth has a most expressive and pleasant voice. I absolutely loved this, and agree that I could listen to her read off a shopping list and be entertained. Excellent.


- Suggestion

Deep appreciation for this great website. Also, it would be great if books classified with their level too, (Intermediate, Advances) for whom is not native and try to improve his/her English with reading and listening.

Karen P.

- Excellent reader!

Great job reading this fabulous book!



Same here, Todd


A fast paced, expressive and elegant reading, perfectly in tune with the novel!


- Great epic story, very good reader

Love the reader! Must read story

James M

- Pride and Prejudice

The narrator performance was excellent. I will look for her name in other books to listen too even when the book initially holds only mild interest.

Thank you so much! You read beautifully!

Kim L.

- Pride and Prejudice

I love this reader and have been working my way through Jane Austen with her as the reader. I'm starting this book for the second time.


- Awesome book!

I loved this book! Looking for a good romance novel? Read this! Great book

Wonderful voice and an excellent novel!


- Pride and Prejudice

I would listen to Elizabeth read the directions of an Ikea instruction sheet. She is a fantastic reader.

Dee H.

- Pride and Prejudice

I loved the reader's interpretation of this book. It was great and I thoroughly enjoyed listening as first time to read this book. I also like that she read at a fast pace so did not take long to read it. Highly recommend.


Author: Jane Narrator:Elizabeth Two main characters: Jane & Elizabeth Excellent book and well read.


- Pride and Prejudice

I quite enjoyed the book, more than I thought I would. The reader was fantastic, she did very well.


- Cute voice & Novel

my favorite story and with this cute voice ... amazing

Melanie M.

- Pride and Prejudice

Loved this & thought Elizabeth did a wonderful job as the reader-voice. Would listen to more books that she reads; great book.

Ita Das

- On Pride and Prejudice

one of the most favourite creations I have ever tasted... perhaps my all time favourite and the closest friend in my solitude.... love this so much


- cute voice

such a voice is from heavens , thanks


- Love!

Such a great and expressive voice! Thanks very much!


This book is fantastic, made even more exciting by the narrator. Great job!

This is one of my favourite books, narrator did an amazing job! I'd happily listen to her read any book!


- Love!

Yay. Finally found one that I love to listen to. Thank you Elizabeth Klett


- Fantastic

A wonderful book enhanced even further by Elizabeth Klett's brilliant reading!


Simplesmente amando o site, os narradores tem voz linda

I love this book so much.


Usually I don't like this literary genre, but narrator Elizabeth Klett have the beautiful voice and I was listening this story to the end. Thanks very much for the performance.


Beautiful voice thank you for the free audio book!


Beautiful voice! You did a great job!


Brilliant book, and narrator even better.


- Pride and Prejudice

Grand book I love the narrator Elizabeth Klett bravo (:

Carla B

Great book, well read!


- Excellent reading of this excellent novel.

Outstanding portrayal of Austin's great drama. Thanks very much for the performance.


Love this book. This was my first Audio Book and sure not my last


I love this book and i have lost count of the times i have listned to it. Brillant!


- Excellent

Excellent reader - it was such a joy to listen to such a great novel read so well.


- This really is brilliant

This is totally amazing. It's funny the reader's accent swithes so frequently but so perfectly.


- Narrator

I had to read this book for school. I knew this book was a chick-flick and that I would not enjoy it as well as other books. The narrating was great and it helped me a lot to get through the book. Thank you so much Klett and BooksShouldBeFree.

Jodi Hudson

- Great reading!

Love, love, love this reading! It was everything I hoped for.


- Splendid reading

Splendid reader. Each character has his own voice and this help a lot. In greatful for your hard job. You brought the book to life. Thanks!


BRILLIANT!! And what splendid reading Thanks.


- Very well done recording

200 years later and this book is still on the nose with today's fundamentals. Elizabeth Klett s reading of it is so enticing. It is just as clever, witty, and intelligent as a Jane Austen herself... I felt I could almost hear Miss Austen's voice narrating.

Norma G.

- Must read!

This book was just amazing. I did not do much of the audio but read the whole book and I gotta say that reading it's a must. Loved it, one of my favorites now. I will try the audio now, other readers say it's great :)


This reader is great and it helped me do homework while reading for a report at the same time!

The reader does a perfect job! If you have trouble reading through the novel itself, listening to this audio makes it much easier. She really distinguishes between character voices and descriptions. It's very, very helpful!


- Pride and Prejudice

This was a great help to me the reader was clear and easy to understand and she read at a good pace so i was able to read along with her and she really brought the book to life for me thank you Books Should be Free.


- Fantastic reader

Vivid and lively voice, each character can be distinguished just by the voice and emotion. Great acting!! This is absolutely a must-listen audio and I recommend it to all English learners as well.

Anneta K.

- Brilliant recording

I never liked P&P very much but this recording and especially the reader managed to change my mind. I enjoyed listening to this a great deal. Thank you for making it happen.

The reader is a fantastic actress. She emotes well and has clearly distinguishable voice for each character.


- Pride and Prejudice

Absolutely excellent! This reading is done incredibly well!


- Thoroughly Enjoyable

Fantastic reader did a tremendous job interpreting the characters voices and personalities. I didn't want it to end. :-)

T. Antz

- Great Reader

This reader is excellent!


- Outstanding reading!

This reading of the classic book is outstanding. Thank you!


- Pride and Prejudiced

Great Book. Well read. Enjoyed this book very much!


- Wonderful

This is just brilliant. I like her accent.


- Nice!

Read with feeling. Only wish she read a bit slower though because I listen as I craft. I like this better than TV.


- Great

I can't explain this is a work of a great soul


- love Darcy and Jane

It was really amazing...the story is great...I want to get the original one...

Olamide Christiana

This book is great and just like the film. I was searching for something to keep me busy and got this book.


Wow! I didn't realized this book could be so great! I love the sudden transition of different voices.


- Brilliant



- Great!

This was a great book! Elizabeth Klett made the book come to life. I have also heard her in Alice's Adventure in wonderland and she does great there too. Thanks Elizabeth and Thanks to the website Books Should be Free!


- Great!

Elizabeth Klett did an excellent job reading this book. I enjoyed hearing it and is way better then a movie or any kind of play. Thank you Elizebeth and Thank you to this web site Book Should be Free! While I do my hobby I listen to these books instead of watching TV now! So much better!


Better than a movie because there can be so much more with a splendid voice and your vivid imagination.


- Elizabeth Klett

Wonderful narration by Elizabeth!


- Elizabeth Klett

Elizabeth, I hope you're reading this: You brought this story to life! Your reading was wonderful and I'm sure Jane Austen would have been proud of you :)


Love this.....This is my favorite book!!! The play starts in our town tonight...I cannot wait to see it :)


- Thanks a ton!

The greatest book and site I have ever seen :)


- Fabulous

Until I discovered Elizabeth Klett, I didn't know I liked the Classics. This is a lovely story with lots of humor and beautifully read.


- Elizabeth Klett

Wonderful job!!! Esp. love how the reader changes voices for the characters and talks in a British accent!!! Love this story!!!


- The best

Best reader for best book...


- Pride And Prejudice

Elizabeth Klett is incredible--She really brings the story to life!


- great

I have never heard such an amazing audiobook like this.


The best book, the best reading... Recommended for sure....


- Aweome

The best reading job I’ve heard on this website. You're a pro, Elizabeth Klett!


- Love this book!!!

Amazing book ever that have read in a long time!!!!!!!!!!


Elizabeth Klett did a wonderful job. Well worth listening to.


- Arranz

Superbly read, and what a plot! A delight.

Tracey Grant

- Elizabeth Klett

I have just listened to Pride & Prejudice. I have also listened to Camilla & Bram Stokers Dracula. Elizabeth Klett Reads with clarity & Interest. She has a gift of reading. I was on the edge of my seat as she read. LOVED it. Thank you to all your Volunteers, they are wonderful.


- Loved it!

An wonderful story with a touch of mystery as the story takes an unexpected twist and of course filled with lots of romance. Karen Savage the lady who reads it on here does an excellent job. The book is a great enjoyment to listen too!

Kristin S

- wonderful!

Elizabeth Klett performs a great service to the listener while reading Pride an Prejudice. A charming rendition of a highly entertaining book. Well done!

Denise D

- Excellent

A beautiful historical romance. Read very well.

Rachel G.

- Excellent

This book is about the quality of a person's character not being determined by social opinions but rather by one's actions. It also does a great portrayal of the era's inequality between genders; where males had the obligation and privilege to work, gentle women were expected to bear children and largely considered a burden if they could not marry. This is the root of the mother's insistence that all of her daughters marry off. Not only does Jane Austin do a good job in portraying feminist views about the equality of the sexes, but she has an excellent point that a man's morals will guide his decisions. Those who do not understand this book are obviously not fans of history or ethics. A love story based on people's true character and personality is much nobler than love-at-first-sigh fairy tales, and in my opinion, much more romantic. This is an excellent story, and the readers were a joy to listen to as well.

- lovely

It was a lovely book. The reader made it even more excellent.

It is a depressing book about women who either can't get married or don't want to.


- Overrated

This book is very overrated for what it is. I had to read this thing for an English class and was bored to tears. Even the movie is terribly pointless. Since I obviously did not understand what was so great about this book, I listened to my teacher talk about it to see if I had missed some deep meaning hidden within its pages. I hadn't. Pointless book...seems like you have to be a certain kind of person to enjoy a book like this. Books about romance and status social and feelings and other BS were never my thing. Which is probably why I hate this book so badly.

Saddam Hussain

- Novel & Reading

The thing that made this Novel worth listening is that the readers were up to their mark in the recitation of this Gentle Classic of Victorian Era by Jane Austin.Surely Readers did justice with this Epic!

Ryan Plummer

- Very Well Done

This audio book is well worth listening to not only because the story is timeless, but also because this recording does the book justice.

Muhammad Bilal

- Excellent!

It was a good novel but reader made it Excellent, her use of different accents and tones for different characters made it really enjoyable. Loved it!


- Reading

I think Karen Savage's reading is too fast. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable with her fast reading and cant pay great attention to this novel.


- Wonderful :)

I'm a Jane Austen fan and just like others have said this one can be a fast book to read. However, I like the fact that the reader uses an English accent which is great considering other accents can be allot worse. Looking forward to downloading the eBook after listening to the audio.