Peter Pan cover

Peter Pan

J. M. Barrie (1860-1937)

1. 01 – Peter Breaks Through
2. 02 – The Shadow
3. 03 – Come Away, Come Away!
4. 04 – The Flight
5. 05 – The Island Come True
6. 06 – The Little House
7. 07 – The Home Under the Ground
8. 08 – The Mermaid’s Lagoon
9. 09 – The Neverbird
10. 10 – The Happy Home
11. 11 – Wendy’s Story
12. 12 – The Children are Carried Off
13. 13 – Do You Believe in Fairies?
14. 14 – The Pirate Ship
15. 15 – Hook or Me This time
16. 16 – The Return Home
17. 17 – When Wendy Grew Up

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His name has become a metaphor for one who will never grow old. Peter Pan by JM Barrie is the story of a boy who remains a boy while the world around him changes. Sir James Mathew Barrie was a Scottish playwright and novelist whose works were received with great critical and commercial success in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. He discovered the main inspiration for his creative genius in his friendship (and later guardianship) with the children of Arthur and Sylvia Llewellyn-Davies. The Llewellyn-Davies boys, five in number and related to the famous Du Maurier family, featured in many of Barrie's stories and plays and some of these works were written specifically for them. Peter Pan was first introduced as a character in one of Barrie's stories, The Little White Bird in 1901. Consequently, he appeared in a few other stories and plays and finally in 1904 made his debut in a full length play, Peter Pan or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up. Following the phenomenal success of the play, Barrie transformed it into a novel in 1911 entitled Peter and Wendy. Peter Pan is pure and delightful fantasy. Peter's character is far from a “perfect child.” He is selfish, foolish, thoughtless and ignorant and this is where the real appeal of the book lies. Readers are preconditioned to believe that childhood and children must always be portrayed as good and innocent. However, Barrie portrays Peter in all his authentic humanity and that's what makes him so endearing because we truly see ourselves in Peter Pan. The descriptions are fascinating in their detail and intricacy, the dialog and conversations are absolutely spot on and Neverland is a brilliant example of the Utopia we all seek in its perfection and completeness. Captain Hook is a truly evil villain, while Tinkerbell shines in all her haughty magic. For readers who have only seen the saccharine sweet Disney version, the original Peter Pan may come as a surprise! Peter Pan cajoles Wendy Darling and two more boys to fly with him to Neverland to become the surrogate family of the Lost Boys there. A series of adventures follows, including scary encounters with Captain Hook and the vicious Tiger Lily. In fact, many readers have found the tale to be quite a disturbing Victorian fantasy about motherhood and emotional immaturity. Whatever the interpretation, Peter Pan remains one of the most brilliant and definitive portrayals of childhood and children.



- Ebook

It is very convinient I can even acess it on my mobile device I was able to read this thick classic in a mater of weeks!!


- reader 2

i love this book now i changed my mind again


I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I particularly liked reader 1. I give this 5 stars


- Peter Pan

I really like this book but do not like the voice of reader 3


- Love it

Very good, I would reccomend this to anyone who favors the old classics


- reader 2

i hate it this book now


- reading

it is kind of good book


I love everything about this book: George Darling pompous attitude; Mrs. Darling's impossible-to-reach kiss on the right-hand corner of her mouth; Wendy's childish motherliness; John and Michael's ridiculousness and curiosity, and Peter's such passion for life; and if this life was threatened to be taken away from him--- "to die will be an awfully big adventure." Wonderfully written and delightfully engaging! So very captivating and a truly magical book. Definitely one of my favorites.

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- audio and streaming

it's great for my students and best of all we don't have to pay for it i love how you can stream it and it is audio and if you need a chapter to download you can do that this is the best site ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i really mean it)


- reader 2

reader two sounds like a robot please fix it


- love this book

i like it is so cool


- Peter Pan

Love it so much also great that it's free


I love peter pan ! I think wendy is in love with peter pan.


Love the book sooooooo much


- chapter 11

The reader for chapter 11 had a thick accent and very nasal voice. I have hearing problems, and had to skip this chapter as I couldnt understand the speaker. Otherwise, it was a great book.


- Peter Pan

Fantastic story! Mostly good readers. I liked that every chapter was read by someone different


- this website :3

Does this website have any say... new books? :3 P.s. this book is good.


- Reader 2

I think reader 2 sounds rlly weird, but except for that it's fine.


- wow

i think that the voice makes it a little boring but over all it's a good book

devi murphy

i love peter pan i love this story

mathis trimouille

- peter pan

Reader 2 sounds like a robot but i like the book.


- Shame about the readers

what is up with reader number 2's voice? Surely these people should be vetted!


It's a good book, if u like peter pan, ;)


- eBook

I love Peter Pan. I have the movie and the book. I think this ebook was really good. Some of the readers were really good and others did just ok.


I like the book but yet again with the different readers, but they should have the ch.07 reader or the ch.10 reader but the ch.11 reader was too funny :D


- Reviewer

Edgar it's a Children's book it's supposed to be childish.


- 9/19/13

Unfortunately, the book was bad. I think that the book was to childish.


Unfortunately, I echo the others. a different reader per chapter was very distracting to me. Some did well; others were quite poor.

R.K. Gal

- Just okay.

First time we listened to the "real" story. It was nice to hear something different than Disney or from the Catherine Rigsby stage play. However, we had a hard time with the different readers. Some of the readers were great, but there were three that I REALLY did not like. I would not have listened to the book had I realized they were going to read a chapter. The book and story itself is fine.


- Peter Pan

This is a great book it is full of complete imagination. I think this book is for children my age and many other ages so if this book was rated by ten I would personally say ten out of ten.

Sierra S.

- Peter Pan

Love this story


- Peter Pan

I did not like the different readers. The first male reader sounded too robotic.


I liked the book but yall need to tell more about the story! B/C I have to listen to audiobooks for school and it makes it hard


It was a great book but it has hard english.


- Peter Pan

The book was great but I had a problem with all the different readers in each chapter. It broke up the flow and some were poorer quality with lots of back ground noise.


- Peter Pan

This book was magical


- Peter Pan

Great Book!