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Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

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Set in the first half of the 19th century, the classic novel presents the story of young orphan Oliver Twist, who endures tumultuous events in a society burdened by poverty, crime and malice. After being poorly treated in a workhouse, Oliver escapes to London where instead of finding a better life he ends up tangled in a web of criminal activities. The novel opens with the introduction of Oliver, a waif who has spent his short life living in miserable conditions in a workhouse. Along with other fellow orphans, he is regularly beaten and underfed. One day the young, hungry orphans decide to draw sticks in order to determine who will ask for another portion of gruel. The unlucky representative of the starving children is Oliver, who goes up to the stern Mr. Bumble and makes his famous plea “Please sir, I want some more”. Unimpressed by such a request, the authoritarian administrators of the workhouse offer five pounds to anyone willing to take the boy as an apprentice. Subsequently, Oliver is apprenticed to local undertaker, Mr. Sowerberry. Things do not get any easier, as Oliver is bullied by fellow apprentice Noah Claypole who also causes him to be unfairly flogged by their superiors. Consequently, Oliver decides to run away and is quickly on his way to London where he meets a boy his own age by the name of Jack Dawkins. Unaware that his new found companion is a pickpocket, Oliver naively follows Jack to the house of his benefactor Fagin where he is offered shelter. He is also oblivious to the fact that Fagin is in reality a criminal who trains young boys in the art of pick pocketing. Oliver is swept up in the corrupt game mastered by Fagin, and once again must escape the grasps of captivity in order to find happiness. Apart from creating a brilliant piece of literature, Dickens has also documented a significant time in social history. Exploring troubling issues of the time including child labor, treatment of orphans, and child recruitment into the criminal world, Oliver Twist is one of the earliest examples of a novel exploring social criticism.



- Oliver Twist

The voices of the narrator were mostly awful, especially the women's voices... and he reads too slow so it takes far longer than it should to finish the book.


- Oliver Twist

Good story and good narrating. Read story before was a real treat having it read to me. Loved the different voices.


- twist

I love this book it is a grate example of riveting literature

jack the ripper

- oliver twist

grate narrater but the book was kind of dull


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this book is bloody brilliant! it being free just makes it better.


classic i really like how this book is written its even better than the play

oliver twist by charles dickens book pdf


- Olivier Twist

Absolutely outstanding story! Superbly read! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this classic literary work.

Gloria Peterik

- Great Reader

Great narrator! Thank you for doing loyal books!


- Oliver Twist

This book is even better on audio because of the voice you chose.


- Oliver Twist

This book is even better on audio because of the voice you chose.


- How long is the book

The book is very long and very boring☹️


The narration is very good from the beginning to the end. Different and suitable voices for different characters make it easy to comprehend the story. As for the book it written by Dickens what more can I say :-)


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I really like your writing style, fantastic information, thanks for putting up eeddagedegka


What a treat! Mr. Hines did a superb job narrating with characterization.


- 올리버 트위스트

굉장한 책이었어요!딕킨의 이야기는 항상 재밌네요


- 올리버 트위스트

정말 놀라운 책이네요!한국어 버전으로 읽을 수 있는지 확인 해봐야 되겠어요

bethany douglas

- drama

i love my family


- great reader

Excellent book, and excellent reader! I don't know how he kept all the voices straight.


His voice was great! The creative personalities of Dickens came to life through the reader.


- 雾都孤儿


John smith

I really like Dickens' work. The narrater however, I think that I may listen with some eager anticipation as he would read a dictionary. Thank you all for making these works available to us all.

Dennis jayjohn

- Oliver Twist

I loved the story, but the reader was absolutely fantastic!!! I could listen to him read all day. I would listen to a book just to here him tell the tale. Thank You!


- loved it!

What a ride! Great reader, amazing story!

Some one cool

- Loyal books

I love talking books! This site is amazing!!!! makes books even better!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!


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WOW! What an EXCELLENT job Tige did on narrating this book. I could not stop listening. Applause and standing ovation on narrating this classic book.

Cilla E

- Oliver Twist

I love how he reads! He brings the book to life! I especially love his accents for each character.

Steve k.

- Oliver twist review

T. Hines is an amazing talent. His voice characterzations are more that of an actor than a reader. I loved every word!


I loved this book, very well read.

Ross T

- Oliver twist

I like the readers voice, he had more of an Irish accent but that was ok.

Eiman ahmed

- oliver twist

Charles dickens was the finest novelist and his novel Oliver twist is one of my favorite novels.

Aimy Z

- Oliver Twist, David Copperfield and Far from the Madding Crowd

T. Hynes is just fabulous at making characters come to life. I have thoroughly enjoyed the books I have listened to him read and can't wait to find more... I mean, honestly, what's better than listening to an Irishman read you a fabulous story? :)


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OMG! This is like, my favorite book from the U.K. Charles Dickens was a top notch author.


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Oliver Twist is a bloody brilliant book!


- Oliver Twist

Bloody brilliant! Couldnt be better!


- Oliver Twist

Great narrator!


- Oliver Twist

The reader is superb. Brings the book to life.


- Oliver Twist

Brilliant narrator!


- twist

Very good reader and free! Couldn’t ask for anything else.


- Oliver Twist

Excellent audio! Be sure to scroll to see more than the first chapters.

The reader of this book is fantastic, highly recommended!