My Man Jeeves cover

My Man Jeeves

P. G. Wodehouse (1881-1975)

1. 01 Leave It To Jeeves
2. 02 Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest
3. 03 Jeeves and the Hard Boiled Egg
4. 04 Absent Treatment
5. 05 Helping Freddie
6. 06 Rallying Round Old George
7. 07 Doing Clarence a Bit of Good
8. 08 The Aunt and the Sluggard

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First published in 1919, My Man Jeeves is a collection of short stories featuring the well known fictional characters Jeeves and Bertie Wooster. The compilation consists of eight stories, of which four feature the popular duo while the other four stories feature Reggie Pepper, an early model of Bertie Wooster. Set in the early 20th century, the stories carry much humor, wit, and charming mischief as the characters seem to attract trouble wherever they go. Wodehouse sets the stories in the early 20th century and allows the audience to enter the world of the upper-class establishments, and experience the many awkward situations the characters find themselves in. A satirical portrayal of characters and events, the stories see the presence of a rich young Englishman Bertie Wooster, who resides in New York, and leads a comfortable lifestyle. He is additionally accompanied by his suave valet Jeeves, whose positive influence is known to swiftly rescue his employer from discomfort. The collection begins with a story that introduces the all-knowing Jeeves, who is described as being the brains of the party, and the daft yet charming Wooster who appears to be a magnet for misfortune. Together the pair must outwit acquaintances by devising schemes, though they repeatedly neglect calculating possible outcomes, and as a result further entangle themselves in their own web. The other stories featuring the inseparable duo all seem to center around certain predicaments that require Jeeves’ quick wits and sage solutions, and subsequently follow him as he gives spot-on advice on various distinct topics ranging from fashion, finance and horse betting. Furthermore, four stories observe Reggie Pepper, who is also an idle young socialite and victim to endless troublesome situations. He too must come up with respectable solutions to spare him from embarrassment. The style, witty dialogue, absurd situations, and memorable characters are just some of the aspects that mark the collection as a humorous treasure. Poking fun at the socialite lifestyle, while weaving together a series of humorous misadventures, Wodehouse successfully creates a light-hearted piece guaranteed to steal a smile. A timeless compilation of humor and wit, My Man Jeeves will leave readers coming back to its riveting pages time and time again.


Steve Duncan

- Terrible

An American accent for a very British character just doesn't work. Found accent so distracting I couldn't listen to it. Stick to Twain


- My man Jeeves

was looking for a funny audio books to help pass time by at work but after listening for a while and literally laughing out loud... I've grown a fondness to this book :) very good read


- My man Jeeves

Good reading of a fine book.


- my man Jeeves

Thankyou for sharing this, it's my current bed time story I have ME and I'm unable to read for long as I get chronic fatigue. I adore the accent of the reader, who pronounces words completely differently than we do in England and I mean that as a positive comment. It's very sweet, refreshing and adds to the charm of this thoroughly decent volume. What? Thanks!


Excellent reader. Thank you!


Can't recommend this enough -- the narrator really has done a great job.


Absolutely enjoyed this book! You get attached to the relationship between the main characters. Makes me wish I had my own man named Jeeves!


- My Man Jeeves

I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful classic comedy. I can't get enough Wodehouse! It's read extremely well by a wonderful reader with a subtle American accent.