Little Women cover

Little Women

Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888)

1. 01 – Playing Pilgrims
2. 02 – A Merry Christmas
3. 03 – The Laurence Boy
4. 04 – Burdens
5. 05 – Being Neighborly
6. 06 – Beth Finds the Palace Beautiful
7. 07 – Amy’s Valley of Humiliation
8. 08 – Jo Meets Apollyon
9. 09 – Meg Goes to Vanity Fair
10. 10 – The P.C. and P.O.
11. 11 – Experiments
12. 12 – Camp Laurence
13. 13 – Castles in the Air
14. 14 – Secrets
15. 15 – A Telegram
16. 16 – Letters
17. 17 – Little Faithful
18. 18 – Dark Days
19. 19 – Amy’s Will
20. 20 – Confidential
21. 21 – Laurie Makes Mischief, and Jo Makes Peace
22. 22 – Pleasant Meadows
23. 23 – Aunt March Settles the Question
24. 24 – Gossip
25. 25 – The First Wedding
26. 26 – Artistic Attempts
27. 27 – Literary Lessons
28. 28 – Domestic Experiences
29. 29 – Calls
30. 30 – Consequences
31. 31 – Our Foreign Correspondent
32. 32 – Tender Troubles
33. 33 – Jo’s Journal
34. 34 – A Friend
35. 35 – Heartache
36. 36 – Beth’s Secret
37. 37 – New Impressions
38. 38 – On the Shelf
39. 39 – Lazy Lawrence
40. 40 – The Valley of the Shadow
41. 41 – Learning to Forget
42. 42 – All Alone
43. 43 – Surprises
44. 44 – My Lord and Lady
45. 45 – Daisy and Demi
46. 46 – Under the Umbrella
47. 47 – Harvest Time

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Set in nineteenth century New England, Little Women follows the lives of the four March sisters-Jo, Beth, Amy and Meg. The novel is a classic rites of passage story, that has often split literature critics but has been adored by many over the years. Intended as a book for young girls, the book is too sentimental for some but plenty of adults and young men have Little Women firmly featured in their best books of all time. The pace of the novel can be slow at times and the language almost too perfect but the overall sympathetic tone of Alcott wins over the reader. The book is semi-autobiographical, with Jo Marsh mirroring the life of an ambitious Alcott. Just like Alcott, Jo is a strong, independent woman who is fighting through her domestic duties to do what she truly loves. Writing is Jo’s passion and in a world where women are expected to put personal growth aside in order to withhold traditional family values, she is met with many challenges. “I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.” The book speaks to every woman that has had to fight against convention. With their father away at war, the four sisters pull together to support each other but still have time to search for their own identity. These ‘little women’ are not children but young adults finding their way via love, religion and confidence. Whilst it may seem sad that the sisters do have to conform to some extent, if you read between the lines there is so much inspiration for young female readers.


- 4th time to read

I love this book and just listened to it for the 4rth time. Some of the readers are a little difficult to follow but over all it's not bad.


- The book was great but most of the readers where terrible.

I listened to the whole book I would have given it 0 stars but the first reader was very good all the other readers where not so good, and sense the readers where switching it was so hard to follow and some readers don't make sense. I understand that they are volunteers but cant they make one person read the whole book, they also read to fast sometimes.They don't even use punctuation. I looked at the other comments and for all the good comments I was confused if I was hearing the same readers and for all the bad comments I completely agree. That's why I wrote this review. You should use the same reader for all the chapters of books if you don't it will just be confusing. -Lea 14


- Little Women ,the book

LOVE the book ,but there are so many readers.

By Grace

- I love this book!

This is the best book ever! And the readers were good.


- The book

I was reading this for School And It was the best book I have read In Quite A while It teaches virtues Without forcing them apon You


- Little Women

This book is awesome!!!!!

Snake Paul

- Haters

Everyone has to have haters, so, i hate this book cause i can't even read.


- The Book

most of the readers are good but there are some that are had to listen to. but it is a wonderful book and has grate morals.


- the book

Its a great book!:):) but its kind of hard to follow with all the different readers.:/


- This book deserves better narrators.

I am glad I took the time to listen. Some of the readers were wonderful. Some were painful to listen to and I had to keep a copy of the book to read some chapters myself. Thankful this is available and free. it would be good to re do some of these chapters.


- Great book!

One of my favorite books of all time. For the most part the morals are 100% correct! Most readers are good but some are hard to listen to. Thank you for this book reading! Lovely!


- beautiful book

This is the most beautiful book ever!


- Good book bad readers

Some readers were really bad but the book was really good.


Awesome book!! But some bad readers.


the seacond reader was very bad

Elsie Mae

- ...

This is the most AWESOME book love it!!!


- umm

I didn't think it was that terrible it's not bad but it's not very good I didn't like all the different readers and some were to fast others didn't prounciate.


- love it!

This is such a romantic, sweet, tender, and sorrowful story! Even though I didn't listen to it, (I read it on my kindle,) I thought it was an awesome book!! After I read this book I tried to listen to this book, but I wasn't very fond of the reader!


- I love it


- Not so great

I absolutely loved this book as a child and was excited to hear it read. I only got through the first couple of chapters. I found the reading expressionless and without even the normal inflections of the puntuation. I found it difficult to listen to the words I remembered so well read in that fashion. I do appreciate the effort, though!


Yeah, I agree with PJ. She doesn't pause for punctuation and reads much too fast. I can't even get through the first few chapters.



So awesome!

Love the book, but switching between readers made it difficult to follow, and some of the readers were hard to understand.


I am typically very fond of listening to audiobooks, but this was terrible to get through. There were around ten different readers for different chapters, some of which were good and some just plain awful. The affect was very jarring and unpleasant. I understand that the readers are volunteers, but come on, surely they could get one person to read the whole book!


I have read the book I love it!


I love this book. I read it twice.


I tried to listen to this but could not. No inflections in her voice for any punctuation. I read the other reviews and wondered if I was listening to the same reader? The reading is just run through. But it seems she did try.


- Loved it

That was a great book I loved the readers and the book.

- Awsome

That was so Awsome, and the readers were great


How can you complain about a free reading! It is not a professional recording and there are some chapters where the readers are more difficult to understand but all in all this is a great audiobook!


- speed reader

Sorry but could not get into the story. Reading way to fast. Not enjoyable.


- Too Fast

Reader read way too fast. Sounded like she was in a hurry. Made one mistake after another. Sounded like her voice was right on top of the microphone. Couldn't take listening to 4 chapters let alone 47. Will buy audio book somewhere else where it is professionally read. Too bad really. Good book, good movie, and this reader just spoiled it for me. Sorry.

I'm a Little Woman fan, and the reader is great!


- So good to read!

Fantastic voice for its reader and great story!! one of the best! hats off. :)




- So Real

This book has taken me to a world which is so real and beautiful. I could really feel all those moments through which March family was going. I appreciate the reading skills of the readers. I truly thank this site and its volunteer readers.


Excellent book to listen to. I enjoyed it so much. How times have changed since this book was written. I now know why it is a classic.