Jude the Obscure (Version 2) cover

Jude the Obscure (Version 2)

Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)

1. 01-Part 1,Chapter 1
2. 02-Part 1,Chapter 2
3. 03-Part 1,Chapter 3
4. 04-Part 1,Chapter 4
5. 05-Part 1,Chapter 5
6. 06-Part 1,Chapter 6
7. 07-Part 1,Chapter 7
8. 08-Part 1,Chapter 8
9. 09-Part 1,Chapter 9
10. 10-Part 1,Chapter 10
11. 11-Part 1,Chapter 11
12. 12-Part 2,Chapter 1
13. 13-Part 2,Chapter 2
14. 14-Part 2,Chapter 3
15. 15-Part 2,Chapter 4
16. 16-Part 2,Chapter 5
17. 17-Part 2,Chapter 6
18. 18-Part 2,Chapter 7
19. 19-Part 3,Chapter 1
20. 20-Part 3,Chapter 2
21. 21-Part 3,Chapter 3
22. 22-Part 3,Chapter 4
23. 23-Part 3,Chapter 5
24. 24-Part 3,Chapter 6
25. 25-Part 3,Chapter 7
26. 26-Part 3,Chapter 8
27. 27-Part 3,Chapter 9
28. 28-Part 3,Chapter 10
29. 29-Part 4,Chapter 1
30. 30-Part 4,Chapter 2
31. 31-Part 4,Chapter 3
32. 32-Part 4,Chapter 4
33. 33-Part 4,Chapter 5
34. 34-Part 4,Chapter 6
35. 35-Part 5,Chapter 1
36. 36-Part 5,Chapter 2
37. 37-Part 5,Chapter 3
38. 38-Part 5,Chapter 4
39. 39-Part 5,Chapter 5
40. 40-Part 5,Chapter 6
41. 41-Part 5,Chapter 7
42. 42-Part 5,Chapter 8
43. 43-Part 6,Chapter 1
44. 44-Part 6,Chapter 2
45. 45-Part 6,Chapter 3
46. 46-Part 6,Chapter 4
47. 47-Part 6,Chapter 5
48. 48-Part 6,Chapter 6
49. 49-Part 6,Chapter 7
50. 50-Part 6,Chapter 8
51. 51-Part 6,Chapter 9
52. 52-Part 6,Chapter 10
53. 53-Part 6,Chapter 11

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    Eleven-year-old Jude Fawley, inspired by his teacher Mr. Phillotson, who leaves Marygreen for Christminster to take a university degree, decides to adopt the same course for himself. Raised by his great-aunt, he studies hard with the aid of some old Latin and Greek books sent to him by Phillotson.He trains as a stonemason in order to enable him to support himself when at the university. However when he finally arrives in Christminster he soon finds that a university education is not easily come by for one of his social standing.Meeting and falling in love with his cousin Sue Bridehead his future becomes a series of challenges to his moral, religious and social beliefs. The novel caused quite a stir in late Victorian England due in part to it’s depiction of marriage and the role religion played in it. Savagely criticised on publication it led to Hardy turning from novel writing and concentrating for the rest of his career on poetry alone. It’s now considered one of Hardy’s finest works and is held up as an example of English novel writing at it’s best. Summary by T.Hynes.



    - Jude the Obscure

    Tedious. None of rest of the book lives up to the beginning of Jude as a child dreaming of Christchurch. The whole book is about extremely boring relationships


    - Jude the Obscure

    Really boring book that never really goes anywhere with the plot. It seems like the main characters just make poor decision after poor decision leading to their inevitable demise. Not only do they keep making poor decisions but they just seem to have a very bad case of perpetual bad luck so that nothing good can happen in the whole book (and it ends "tragically" although I couldn't being myself to care that much). One important chapter near the end was so poorly read I really don't know what happened except I think it was very bad like kids committing suicide or something(?). The main characters are not believable in this book. Or maybe they are believable but because they have such bad attitudes/bad hearts they are not likable (maybe if you are self loathing person who only sees the bad in things you will relate to them). If you are looking for a book to bore you and watch people make a lot of incredibly stupid decisions that ends badly then this is it.

    Just too great! very well read...


    - review

    I finished the first part and started the second, but, it was so boring I just couldn't continue. Maybe should have, but, just couldn't. Good readers so far, though.