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The Invisible Man

H. G. Wells (1866-1946)

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One dark and stormy night, a stranger arrives in West Sussex at a village inn. He is heavily clad in an overcoat and his face is wrapped in bandages. He takes a room at the inn, but refuses to socialize with anyone. He stays cooped up in his room all day and night, working with strange chemicals and apparatus. Suddenly, strange events begin to happen in the village. Mysterious burglaries and fires break out, culminating in a destructive rampage across the peaceful countryside. The stranger is the keeper of a terrible secret... The Invisible Man: A Grotesque Romance (to give the book its full title) by HG Wells was published in 1897. Written in novella form, this bizarre science fiction tale was first published in Pearson's Weekly as a serial and later compiled into a single book. Based on scientific theories of optics and physics, this story instantly caught the imagination of readers and has been regularly adapted to film, television and radio since it first made its appearance more than a hundred years ago. Herbert George Wells' writing career owes itself to an accident suffered in childhood. As an eight year old boy, he was once confined to bed with a broken leg. His father, a professional cricketer and failed businessman, regularly brought him books from the local library so that he could pass the time. His father's financial troubles compelled his mother to go to work as a lady's maid in a local mansion, while the children were put to work as apprentices with various local tradesmen. For Wells, this was one of the most unhappy, yet also the most profitable times in his life. The mansion where his mother worked had an enormous library where the child continued to read and educate himself. At eighteen, he went to work as a teacher in a residential school. His career flourished after that, and he won a scholarship to work under the great biologist, Thomas Huxley in London. He began writing science fiction stories in 1895 with the publication of The Time Machine, where he proposed the concept of selective time travel. Several other extremely popular Sci-Fi novels and short stories followed, interspersed with romantic stories, novels, ghost stories, film scripts, articles, satirical novels, historical and political treatises and non-fiction papers. Wells was an extremely prolific writer and continues to inspire generations of writers even today. The Invisible Man is a book that evokes great interest among readers of all ages and is an important landmark in the history of Sci-Fi writing.



- Riveting!

Excellent reader who does great voice work! Great pacing and very easy to understand as well!


Great book, currently listening this for my wordstudy homework chapters 1&2


- Great Narrator

I enjoyed this book on my nightly walks. The narrator did a wonderful job. I was surprised at HG Wells' blatant antisemitism in his portrayal of the Jewish landlord though.

Yash Suraj

thanks! it is really great it helps me a lot in my literature assignment. thank you again....


i woudnt ask for more, you have saved my life with my literature assignment


- The Invincible Man

Great book loved it best book by H.G. Wells


- The Invisible Man

Immersive Narration, great book, and free; I couldn't ask for more.


- The Invisible Man

Good reader. Minimal characterization and well done.


The readers did a good job. The book is very entertaining.


- Review invisible man

Kathy does an excellent job of narrating this short book. I love how she can go in and out of character so easily. I highly recommend this book.


Like most of the other reviewers have already alluded to, this audiobook is very well read. The temperament and essence of each character is captured wonderfully.


Amazing book and excellent reader


- The Invisible Man

Excellent book. Reader did a wonderful job. The accents and voice changes made the book come alive. As good as any radio dramatization. I am looking for all the books she has read.


- Awsome

I really enjoyed it


- Great Book

Really great classic and a fantastic reader with great accents. Pleasantly easy to listen to!

Sushant Pandey

- Audio Book

Helped me a lot in my studies ...


- Great narration

The reader was excellent.


- Review

Wonderful narration.


- Review

The reader was excellent. Her voice acting and accents really bring the story alive.


- Excellent

Excellent quality for a free audiobook.


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Excellent book! The narration was very well done. Her accents were wonderful. Quick story. Thank you!