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Johanna Spyri (1827-1901)

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1. Chapter 1 – Up the Mountain to Alm-Uncle
2. Chapter 2 – At Home with Grandfather
3. Chapter 3 – Out With The Goats
4. Chapter 4 – The Visit to Grandmother
5. Chapter 5 – Two Visits and What Came of Them
6. Chapter 6 – A New Chapter About New Things
7. Chapter 7 – Fraulein Rottenmeier Spends an Uncomfortable Day
8. Chapter 8 – There is Great Commotion in the Large House
9. Chapter 9 – Herr Sesemann Hears of Things Which are New to Him
10. Chapter 10 – Another Grandmother
11. Chapter 11 – Heidi Gains in One Way and Loses in Another
12. Chapter 12 – A Ghost in the House
13. Chapter 13 – A Summer Evening on the Mountain
14. Chapter 14 – Sunday Bells
15. Chapter 15 – Preparations for a Journey
16. Chapter 16 – A Visitor
17. Chapter 17 – A Compensation
18. Chapter 18 – Winter in Dorfli
19. Chapter 19 – The Winter Continues
20. Chapter 20 – News from Distant Friends
21. Chapter 21 – How Life Went on at Grandfather’s
22. Chapter 22 – Something Unexpected Happens
23. Chapter 23 – Goodbye Til We Meet Again

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Filled with descriptions of the magnificent Swiss Alps, the lives of the simple country folk who live in their picturesque peaks and valleys and the gentle and innocent days of childhood, Heidi by Johanna Spyri is a book that no child should miss reading. Since it first came out, it has captured the hearts of children (and adults) all over the world, been extensively filmed, televised and staged and translated from the original German into more than 60 languages. Heidiland, a theme park, is one of the big attractions in Zurich. Heidi The Girl from the Alps by Swiss children's author Johanna Spyri was published in two parts in 1880. It tells of Heidi, a little Swiss girl whose parents' sudden death leaves her to be brought up by her aunt. Aunt Dete is a career-woman who though she loves Heidi, does not have the time or resources to look after a child in busy Frankfurt. She leaves Heidi with Heidi's grandfather, who lives in the Swiss mountains. The lonely, embittered old man lives like a hermit on the mountain-top and has nothing to do with the people in the village below. Known to all as “Alm-uncle” Heidi's grandfather is good-hearted but mistrustful of the villagers. He refuses to send Heidi to school and allows her to roam the pastures with a young goat herder, Peter. They become good friends but events take a turn when Aunt Dete decides that Heidi must stay in Frankfurt and learn to earn a living. She is employed as a companion to a rich invalid child, Clara, and soon learns to read and write along with the little girl. The city begins to take its toll on the young Heidi and she becomes ill and depressed. How Heidi returns to her beloved mountains, reforms her crotchety old grandfather and helps Clara regain her health forms the rest of this delightful story. This unassuming and easy to read book remains fresh and unspoiled, still receiving an enthusiastic response throughout the world. Generations of kids have enjoyed reading about the naïve and spontaneous Heidi, the mischievous Peter, the bitter and lonely Alm-uncle, the strict and authoritarian housekeeper Fraulein Rottenmeier, the long-suffering Clara and Clara's kind and gracious grandmother Frau Sesemann. This sweet and charming story earned eternal fame for its shy, retiring author who endured several personal tragedies and wrote many other pleasing stories, but none so famous as Heidi, The Girl from the Alps.



- Heidi

Actally I want to know her adolescent story.


- Heidi

Beautiful story and so perfectly read by Reader. Very enjoyable.


- Heidi

Awesome! We love the reader and the story!


- Heidi

but this book is for s hool so have to read t


- Heidi

this book was kind of boring and not a good reader!!!!!!!!!!!!



This book is crazy

vijay chennai

- its just like a dream while reading this book

the plot and the characters are uncomparable ,awesome work

Rakshanda sharma

- Heidi

It is a nice story. I liked it. It has all the fun I needed

Hlimtea Tlau

- Heidi

The writer brings me to the Alps, to the cities, happiness and sadness. Heidi, herself is amazing, a blessed girl gor others. great story. clap, clap clap.


- Heidi

Awesome read great for anyone who likes a nice,sweet,innocent story must read for kids!


- Heidi

Interessates und schoenes Buch


- Heidi

Heidis Lehr- und Wanderjahre, ein Buch mit schoenen Inhalt


- Heidi

nice book and nice reader!!!!


- Heidi

very interesting. I love this book!


Brilliant book and reader.


- Heidi

Excellent reader! I want to hear all her books.


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If you want a feel-good book,this is it! It's very heartwarming and takes you to a better state of mind!


- heidi

I love this story!


- Heidi

This is such a good book!


- Heidi

Its a great book!


- Great

This is the first book I tried from this site. Great start. When I heard Helen Keller's autobiography, I learned that she had also read this book and found it interesting. Loved the story and the reader.




- Amazing

This a such a great story!

Khalid Hamraoui

- Excellent

I love it!


One of the best books I have ever read.