The Call of the Wild cover

The Call of the Wild

Jack London (1876-1916)

1. 1 - Into the Primitive
2. 2 - The Law of Club and Fang
3. 3 - The Dominant Primordial Beast
4. 4 - Who Has Won to Mastership
5. 5 - The Toil of Trace and Trail
6. 6 - For the Love of a Man
7. 7 - The Sounding of the Call

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Call of the Wild is an emotional rollercoaster of a novel set during the late 19th century Klondike Gold Rush. The central character is Buck, an Alaskan sled dog who is forced to adjust to the cruel climate in order to survive. If you have even a remote love of dogs then you will fall head over heels in love with this book. In fact, take away the fact that Buck is a dog and the story is the same, a struggle against greed and to live a life of freedom. London spent a year in Yokel researching the book, making it extremely detailed, very simplistic in its descriptions and genuinely heartfelt. Essentially the book explores the concept of survival of the fittest, as we join Buck’s fall from grace, when he is kidnapped for work, and the desire to rise again. Power struggles ensue when we meet Buck’s rival Spritze and we see how brutal the world can be. The vivid descriptions of nature are where this book excels. London is an expert at writing about survival in a natural world. When we are forced into extreme condition, we have to rely on our instinct, what is primitive to us, themes mirrored in Buck’s journey throughout the book. On the surface, Call to the Wild is a simple adventure story, much like London’s other works such as ‘ White Fang’ but underneath there are layers upon layers of questions and thought provoking statements that make us stand up and think about how humans can have a negative impact on nature. A book to open your mind, make you think and to connect with characters that you never thought you could talk to.


the narration is weak

Diane Armstrong

- Fantastic

My all time favorite book. Loved Buck and his story. What an amazing dog. I first read this book as a kid close to 50 years ago. Loved having it read to me again.

Diane Armstrong

- Fantastic

What a exciting story. I loved Buck and his story. I first read this book 45 years ago. Thrilled to have had it read to me.


- Call of the wilde

Good book but bad narrator:(:(:(:(:(


- LOVE the book; poor narration

I absolutely love this book, but could not bear the narration.

- Narrator

The only thing wrong with this audio book is the narrator. His voice is monotone and so boring. It made a great story so hard to get through.


- Narrator

Hey mom, I found drunk Uncle Hershel! Jk, but seriously, great book, terrible narrator. Get it together, Hershel!

- wasting your time

boring book one of the worst book's i ever read

Soumya Sharma

- Narrator

The narrator has a horrible voice which makes the whole process very boring though the book might be interesting.


- Great book, TERRIBLE narrator! Please re-record!

I love this book, but the narrator is awful!! DISTRACTINGLY BAD. He reads like he's sustained a head injury, and his mouth is apparently dripping with saliva and lots of lip smacking. He reads in a total monotone, no inflection. I'm so disappointed, because I really love this story, but the reading is so crappy I had to turn it off.


- Call of the.....zzzzzzzzz

This is a fantastic book and one that every boy and girl should love. As well as should adults who return to it. But the reading is terrible. While we should appreciate all readers for giving of their time to read books some people just aren't cut out for the job. To me the reader expressed little interest in the book as evidenced by his generally monotone, bored voice. It pains me to see reviews where someone found it hard to get into the book. Librivox needs a higher criteria for their readers.


- Call of the Boring...

This book and White Fang are my all time favorite books. I love them so much. This is why it pains me to immediately delete this book not a single chapter in because the reader is about as horrible as a reader can be. He sounds like he's about to fall dead asleep or just run out of breath the entire book. I can hear his dentures clicking, hear his mouth and lips smacking, yet at the same time his recording manages to sound like crap. I know this complaint isn't really worth anyone's time because the book is free, but I felt I needed to say something.


- Wild!

This is a really hard book to get into but once you do it's a really good book. Wasn't happy with the narrator but overall this book was pretty good


- Call of the Wild

Loved the voice of the narrator


- Call of The wild

Narrorator is terrible so hard to imagine

It's an "Ok" book... I got really lost at first but then i started understanding it.


- call of the wild

I thought the reader was really hard to follow as well. He did his best job though. Good storey overall but I wasn't happy with the reader either.


- Call of the Wild

Love the book! The reader did a great job of putting me in the story. I've recommended it my 12 year old son and I know he'll enjoy it as much as I did! Love the book! The reader did a great job of putting me in the story. I've recommended it my 12 year old son and I know he'll enjoy it as much as I did!


- Call of the Wild

I really enjoyed listening while someone other than myself was doing the reading. I first read jack London's books over 60 yrs. ago, and enjoy them over again to this day.

M.J. Madsen

- Call of the wild

I did not like the book it is to hard to follow. The reader makes the book sound really boring. :( I thought that I was going to love it.

Im sorry to say I could hear the readers dentures clicking the whole time. I appreciate his effort though,and the effort of this site; after all I'm not paying to hear this wonderful adventure tale.


This narritator reads so slow. and I did not like his voice.


This narritator was so boring I could not listen to him. Uhhh.


Every time I read/hear this story I enjoy it. The actor was an appropriate choice for this setting in the North. Bravo.


- Review

Enjoyed this sad account.

Could not listen to this narrator!

I did not like his voice, but the story was a good one.


- Good

At first the voice actor really bothered me with his mono tone voice, but the story was really good. So I listened on. Worth it.

Johnhy Knoxville

- Yes, The Actor..

This novel, is truley the worst thing I have everbread in my entire life. Seriously, do not buy, borrow or so much as glace at this atrotion to society.