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Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

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The title 'Anthem' is derived as an anthem to sense of self and self-governing thoughts. Anthem is a story of Equality 7-2521 who is a young man living in some unspecified future time and place. In this future era freedom and individual rights have been eradicated. The starring character of the novel is an inquisitive street cleaner. He lives in a society where people have lost their knowledge of individualism, to the extreme that people do not know words like 'I' or 'mine'. All the people live and work for their livelihood in collective groups, along with the people with power, namely the 'Councils'. There are many types of councils namely the Council of Vocations, Council of Scholars etc. The society is where all the terminology of individualism is completely restrained. They emphasize the principle that all are equal and should remain that way. Equality was an outstanding student during childhood and was very interested in learning. He wanted to become a scholar in the Council, but for his thought, he was punished by the Council which is responsible for assigning jobs to each individual. They punished him by assigning him the job of street sweeper. Equality had a thirst for knowledge that he secretly satisfy by sneaking into a tunnel every evening, where he was alone. He used the time to write, think and to perform some scientific experiments. Soon he falls in love with a woman named Liberty 5-3000. The book enumerates the quest for knowledge by this young man who struggles to find answers for many burning questions. These questions lead him to discover the mystery behind his society and the key to freedom. You'll find the book hard to put down as it tackles the question of expressing love in a society that does not recognize it.



Interesting book, decent reader, not perfect but not deserving of some of the negative comments either in my opinion.


amateurish book, decent reader

Worst shite imaginable. Poorly written idea-poison.


- psychology



- blanket

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Steven Baldwin

- low volume level

Good book, but this recorded audio is way too quiet.


awful book, hard to understand. Pointless meaning.


- research her admiration for serial killers

It's funny how everyone who expounds the wonders of this & her other "books" tells the rest of us that we should be required to read her drivel.


- Poor reader

Ugh. Mispronounced words, stumbling reading... poor over-dramatic style that seems, at times, to be more fitting for 3rd grade poetry contest. Book is good, reader is so bad.


- Anthem

I started listening and was so caught up in the story that I could not turn it off. Well read.


This was definitely a strange book. It was rather annoying in spots and seemed a little juvenile, but probably a juvenile wouldn't know what-in-the-world was going on most of the time. Who knows, you might agree with the majority.


- Oh Ayn Rand

Reading an Ayn Rand novel is like getting a sneak peak into the brain of a psychopath. It's interesting in a peculiar way, but if you find yourself aligning your ideals with Rand's...I feel sorry for your sanity.

- Great book, LAZY narrator

So disappointed in the way this lady reads the book. MISPRONOUNCING and STUMBLING over words?! Come on, have some respect!!!! I understand that this is a free service, but better quality would be nice.

- Utopia

Beautifull story and narration. Though Im dissapointed that there is not an Anthem 2. And to my surprise the author is a woman.

An incredibly prophetic novel that should be required reading in schools of countries that strive to remain free.

Edward Duree

- Anthem

On of the most influential bools of my youth because it made me think about self ownership and its relationship to knowledge and censorship, the latter being the province of slave owners.

Enjoy'd it. Well read.

The author clearly lacks the intelligence required to write a novel of this sort.


I read this for school many, many years ago, still have the paper back copy but its ruined now. This was good in an odd way, when I first read it I hardly understood. There is an acquired charm in this book.


- Anthem

It's a beautiful piece of literature. However, it must be read in the historical context in which it was written. The apparent naivety of the prose works well with the characters. It has rhythm.


One of my all-time favorite books. Worth the listen.

There were some nice ideas, but in general - the focus on egoism is dumb.


It was great! It was kind of like a mix of 1984 and Uglies. Which I loved. Books are so awesome!!


Timely book especially now as the cultural of "we" has gained a foothold in key pillars of our society.


Pathetic rants!

- James

What a great book. This is a look into what the future would be like if government rules us.


Classic libertarian tome....


So confusing I hated it. It's not even a real book


- Anthem

I see this book as a warning. This could happen if we keep allowing politicians to tell us what to think. Everyone should not only read this book, but digest every page.


- Anthem

Just plain awesome! My homeschooled children will be reading this one for sure!


- Anthem

Lousy writing...characters are 2-dimensional at best. This is not literature, it is ideology.

Big Bob

- Anthem

Ayn Writes wonderful books. Every one should read "Atles Shrugged" also and this is where America is going today.


- Blew my mind!

Very good read/listen. It still has me thinking... I recommended this to friends and to you!