Anne of the Island (version 4) cover

Anne of the Island (version 4)

Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942)

1. Dedication and Chapter I - The Shadow of Change
2. Chapter II - Garlands of Autumn
3. Chapter III - Greeting and Farewell
4. Chapter IV - April's Lady
5. Chapter V - Letters from Home
6. Chapter VI - In the Park
7. Chapter VII - Home Again
8. Chapter VIII - Anne's First Proposal
9. Chapter IX - An Unwelcome Lover and a Welcome Friend
10. Chapter X - Patty's Place
11. Chapter XI - The Round of Life
12. Chapter XII - "Averil's Atonement"
13. Chapter XIII - The Way of Transgressors
14. Chapter XIV - The Summons
15. Chapter XV - A Dream Turned Upside Down
16. Chapter XVI - Adjusted Relationships
17. Chapter XVII - A Letter from Davy
18. Chapter XVIII - Miss Josephine Remembers the Anne-girl
19. Chapter XIX - An Interlude
20. Chapter XX - Gilbert Speaks
21. Chapter XXI - Roses of Yesterday
22. Chapter XXII - Spring and Anne Return to Green Gables
23. Chapter XXIII - Paul Cannot Find the Rock People
24. Chapter XXIV - Enter Jonas
25. Chapter XXV - Enter Prince Charming
26. Chapter XXVI - Enter Christine
27. Chapter XXVII - Mutual Confidences
28. Chapter XXVIII - A June Evening
29. Chapter XXIX - Diana's Wedding
30. Chapter XXX - Mrs. Skinner's Romance
31. Chapter XXXI - Anne to Philippa
32. Chapter XXXII - Tea with Mrs. Douglas
33. Chapter XXXIII - "He Just Kept Coming and Coming"
34. Chapter XXXIV - John Douglas Speaks at Last
35. Chapter XXXV - The Last Redmond Year Opens
36. Chapter XXXVI - The Gardners' Call
37. Chapter XXXVII - Full-fledged B.A.'s
38. Chapter XXXVIII - False Dawn
39. Chapter XXXIX - Deals with Weddings
40. Chapter XL - A Book of Revelation
41. Chapter XLI - Love Takes Up the Glass of Time

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    The third book in the Anne of Green Gables series accompanies beloved redhead Anne Shirley to Redmond College. Here Anne receives numerous proposals, befriends a mangled but determined pussy cat, and sets up housekeeping with her chums in the dearest little cottage imaginable. Gilbert Blythe persists in courting her, but Anne soon sends him packing. Poor Gilbert doesn't seem to stand a chance when the dashing man of Anne's dreams appears out of nowhere.... Proof-listeners: Eden Rea-Hedrick and Beth Thomas



    - Rubie

    I can't under stand Rubie but Davy is lovely


    - NICE.

    Some of the voices were bad.


    - Voices

    I hate Gilberts voice ,but still LOVE the book.


    - The book

    I like the book,but I don't like Gilberts' voice.


    - Bad Voices

    Gilbert, Diana, Priscilla and Ruby sound dreadful. Anne and Mrs. Rachel Lynde are good but Davy sounds like a girl.


    - Anne

    I Love Anne's enthusiasm and high spirit love this book I am hooked


    - Book

    Great book thank tho for your time and effort readers

    Anne's voice in absolutely perfect, but much better if Diana and Gilbert had different voices.


    loved the book, a little disappointed in some of the voices.Diana's voice sounds like she's in a tunnel and sometimes I couldn't make out what she was saying. Pricilla souned like she may have recorded her parts over a telephone, but I'm still grateful for all the readers. Thank you for your time and afford.

    - voice

    great story can not hear rubies voice, don't like gilbets voice