Tale of Two Cities (version 4) cover

Tale of Two Cities (version 4)

Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

1. 1-1 The Period
2. 1-2 The Mail
3. 1-3 The Night Shadows
4. 1-4 The Preparation
5. 1-5 The Wine-Shop
6. 1-6 The Shoemaker
7. 2-1 Five Years Later
8. 2-2 A Sight
9. 2-3 A Disappointment
10. 2-4 Congratulatory
11. 2-5 The Jackal
12. 2-6 Hundreds of People
13. 2-7 Monseigneur in Town
14. 2-8 Monseigneur in the Country
15. 2-9 The Gorgon's Head
16. 2-10 Two Promises
17. 2-11 A Companion Picture
18. 2-12 The Fellow of Delicacy
19. 2-13 The Fellow of No Delicacy
20. 2-14 The Honest Tradesman
21. 2-15 Knitting
22. 2-16 Still Knitting
23. 2-17 One Night
24. 2-18 Nine Days
25. 2-19 An Opinion
26. 2-20 A Plea
27. 2-21 Echoing Footsteps
28. 2-22 The Sea Still Rises
29. 2-23 Fire Rises
30. 2-24 Drawn to the Loadstone Rock
31. 3-1 In Secret
32. 3-2 The Grindstone
33. 3-3 The Shadow
34. 3-4 Calm in Storm
35. 3-5 The Wood-Sawyer
36. 3-6 Triumph
37. 3-7 A Knock at the Door
38. 3-8 A Hand at Cards
39. 3-9 The Game Made
40. 3-10 The Substance of the Shadow
41. 3-11 Dusk
42. 3-12 Darkness
43. 3-13 Fifty-two
44. 3-14 The Knitting Done
45. 3-15 The Footsteps Die Out For Ever

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    A small group of people become embroiled in the tumultuous events of the French Revolution.


    Barbara s. K.

    - Review

    A powerful book read by an expert reader. What a pleasure!


    - 5 stars

    The narration is really good. Story is amazing too. Highly recommend listening to this book.

    Tony R.

    - Review

    Paul Adams is an excellent reader

    Corrin Darcy Casas

    - Tale of Two Cities

    Very timely again in this turbulent political climate.. Paul Adams is superb!!!

    Brilliant, so enjoyed the story and Paul Adams was fantastic!


    - Review

    Brilliant. Loved this book and the narrator Paul Adams. Hope I come across a narrative of his again. Great story. First time I've truly appreciated Charles Dickens talent for writing stories. Brilliant

    this was cool


    - Review

    This is a wonderful book and the Paul Adams, the reader, is magnificent! You can tell that Paul loves this story too. He puts so much emotion into it. Great to listen to!


    - Tale of Two Cities

    Why had nobody tried harder to get me to read (or listen to) Dickens before? Amazingly written. This is what readers talk about when they say they get lost in a book. I was immersed as the wine barrel broke open on the street, held my breath as the Bastille was stormed and couldn't wait for my next commute to hear the contents of the doctor's letter. I'll be listening to more Dickens shortly. To Paul Adams, thank you. Your reading was fantastic. A voice made for the story.


    - Review

    Wow this is hard. The narrator did a good job overall. His interpretation of this story was interesting. By the end of the book he was wonderful . This story is not like any of the other books Charles D has written. It must have been very trying to have lived in a world such as his. We are so very lucky today. Thank you.