A Little Princess cover

A Little Princess

Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849-1924)

1. 01 – Sara
2. 02 – The French Lesson
3. 03 – Ermengarde
4. 04 – Lottie
5. 05 – Becky
6. 06 – The Diamond Mines
7. 07 – The Diamond Mines Again, Part 1
8. 07 – The Diamond Mines Again, Part 2
9. 08 – In the Attic
10. 09 – Melchisedec
11. 10 – The Indian Gentleman
12. 11 – Ram Dass
13. 12 – The Other Side of the Wall
14. 13 – One of the Populace
15. 14 – What Melchisedec Heard and Saw
16. 15 – The Magic, Part 1
17. 15 – The Magic, Part 2
18. 15 – The Magic, Part 3
19. 16 – The Visitor
20. 17 – “It is the child!”
21. 18 – “I tried not to be”
22. 19 – Anne

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Frances Hodgson Burnett’s book "A Little Princess" begins as seven year old Sara Crewe is dropped off at a boarding school by her rich father. She has grown up in India and has lived a very pampered life. Even though she is rich, she is very friendly to everyone and the students all love her. Unfortunately, the woman in charge of the school does not like Sara and when her father dies on a business trip, the head mistress is angry that she will not get the money she is owed for Sara’s care. She makes her live in the attic with the maid and to do chores to earn her keep at the school. Sara is mistreated, but still remains kind to others and helps anyone she can. One day, Sara finds some money and buys some food from a bakery. When the baker sees her give away most of the food to a beggar girl, he believes Sara is a princess and invites the little beggar girl to live with his family. Sara continues to teach the smaller children and withstands the abuse from the adults around her. When a strange man moves into the house next door, Sara becomes friends with his servant. He is impressed with how kind she is and is angered about her treatment at the school. He secretly sends her food to help her in some small way. Eventually, Sara discovers something very important about the man who is helping her. A Little Princess is an amazing book that proves again that dreams can come true. It also shows that even when life is not going the way you would like it, you should still treat others the way you want to be treated. The end of the story is very satisfying, but readers will want to know more about this special little girl.


Sharekha Raghoo

- A little princess

I absolutely loved every chapter of this excellent inspiring book. It teaches us never to give up on our dreams and to have patience.


- The little princess

I have listened to this book twice it's awesome.

Mimi Lewin

- A Little Princess

This audiobook is greatly narrated and it is hard to stop listening


- The book

This book made me sad and happy at the same time I've listened to this story like 4 times. I LOVE THIS BOOK!


- a little princess

beautifully narrated!


- Princess

This is incredible.The narrator is amazing!


- A Little Princess

I must agree that this was a great book, made so by the excellent narration.


- A beloved childhood classic of mine

The reader was fantastic. She portrayed each character with a lovely act, and was well spoken with much inflection.


- A Little Princess

This is one of my favorite books. Wonderful narration, I will definitely listen to it again.


i love this book it was so interesting to me but i dont know about other people am i right or am i right

Eneida Maisonave

- A Little Princess

Great story and the narrator was fabulous. Made you feel as if you were right there in the story.


- Excellent narrator

I thoroughly enjoyed Karen Savage's narration of the book.

Lady L

- Little Princes

Great Story, wonderfully read:)


- Review for a little princess

Excellent narration and a wonderful book. I didn't want it to end. Karen Savage did a BEAUTIFUL job of narrating this book. I would love to hear her read more. Thank you


- Sara

Her being treated bad makes me feel bad for her


- sara

her nobility gave me wet eyes and cheeks over and over


- March 4 2016

Fantastic narrator!kept me interested Reminds me of a Shirley Temple movie


- Great Book, Great Narrator

I've watched numerous adaptations of this book into movies, but still nothing can beat the book. I just LOVE listening to the narrator, her voice was so absorbing, that I almost feel like I can see the characters. Wonderful job! :)

love this book


- A little princess

Great book


- Reviewer

Fantastic narrator! Great pleasure to listen to so lovely recorder

yes great narrator


- well done!

What a pleasure! Such an amazing book performed just brilliantly for its listeners!


- Great stort, nicely read!

Beautiful story Nice voice to listen to...

Crystal Shin

- Great narrator!

I loved it! One narrator acts all of the voices wonderfully! It's so beautiful!


- Great book and great reader

This is an absolutely wonderful book and it was absolutely beautifully read!! Thank you!


- greatest book of all time

This is an amazing book. It is so beautiful.

Poisonous Ynah

- My first time, audiobook

So beautiful, narrator is so good.


Absolutely love the story and reader, thank you!


Beautiful! I really enjoyed it!


- Such a good book

You won't be disappointed in this book!

Toby Barnett

Hands down one of the best narrations I've heard! Well done, well done!


Grenat reader!!! Vert Nice story


Simply wonderful!


- Very good narration

Just finished listening to this book and thoroughly enjoyed it! Well done!


- So interesting

I have watched the movie but listening to it is better.


- Wonderful narration

One of my favorite books read beautifully by one VO artist. Very we'll read & intoned.


- Brilliant narration!

Professional quality, brilliant narrator. One of the best.


- Excellent !!

A wonderful book


- Awesome narration

I've never read this book before, but I've seen a film version. The narrator brought the wonderful story as much to life as the film did.


- Wonderful

I love the story most and specially the recording.


Awsome! Learning for my test was fun for the first time.


A wonderful story I would recommend those who haven't read it to read it.


Absolutely wonderful story

Phillip Dauben

- Wonderful

A wonderful book that tugs at the heartstrings and the emotions evoked that range from empathy to rejoicing with every turn in Sara's position.


- The Little Princess

Very wonderful book and great reader very nice to listen to.

- The Little Princess

An absolutely wonderful story and very inspirational. The narrator did a wonderful job to really make you feel as you were right there with Sara. This story makes you realize that you can never give up as one does not know what the future has in store.

- The little princess

I'm really worried about Sara--she suffers a lot but she had the ability to face such things. I don’t think I could handle being in such a position. The book never tells how she is able to cope. She was rich and became poor which is hard for people to face. I want to thank this book for helping me understand that life in not easy.


Great voice, the laid who read this book is amazing.

Dammi Holbourne

- The little princess

The way it's read is so beautiful, flawless, so lovely to listen to. Please don't change her voice.


- My favorite book and recording

I really loved this book and the recording! Good character building lessons, and it really makes you think and want to help others.

I absolutly love this book!