What Katy Did Next cover

What Katy Did Next


1. 01 – An Unexpected Guest
2. 02 – An Invitation
3. 03 – Rose and Rosebud
4. 04 – On the Spartacus
5. 05 – Chapter 5: Story-book England
6. 06 – Across the Channel
7. 07 – Chapter 7 Part 1: The Pension Suisse
8. 08 – Chapter 7 part 2: The pension Suisse
9. 09 – VIII On The track of Ulysses
10. 10 – A Roman holiday
11. 11 – Clear shining after rain
12. 12 – Next
13. 13 – Chapter 11 part 2

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This is the third book of the famous “What Katy did” series.



- nice

enjoyed it, readers have accents but are fairly easy to follow


- poor

Are you serious? Very poor (ESL) reader


- reader

This reader is bad. I don't understand why some readers are used who are so difficult to understand. I'm sure they are doing their best, but really, what's the point?


- Disappointed

I downloaded this book (amongst others) for my Mother who is blind and has been desperate to read the books from her bookshelf. The first two books in this series were very good but this one has a different reader for nearly every chapter. Some of whom have strong accents so strong that listening to the story was very difficult. I realize that they are read by volunteers but this recording is bad.