Star Trek: The Section 31 Files cover

Star Trek: The Section 31 Files

Eric L. Busby

1. Altered Reflection, Part 1
2. Altered Reflection, Part 2
3. Altered Reflection, Part 3A
4. Altered Reflection, Part 3B
5. Shades of Grey
6. The Sum of One's Memories
7. Crimson - The Key
8. The Awakening
9. Bold Venture, Part 1
10. Bold Venture, Part 2
11. Harbinger
12. In His Name
13. Distant Shores
14. Knowledge is Power
15. Dark Alliance
16. Absent Friends
17. The Gathering Storm
18. Storm Warning
19. Storm Break
20. Fallout
21. Reflections from the Gulf
22. Shattered Dominion
23. A God By Any Other Name
24. Korg
25. The hour of Judgement, Part 1
26. The hour of Judgement, Part 2
27. Escape from Rura Penthe, Part 1
28. Escape from Rura Penthe, Part 2
29. Escape from Rura Penthe, Part 3
30. Invasion, Part 1 - The Gateway
31. Invasion, Part 2 - Doomsday Unleashed
32. Invasion, Part 3 - Warday
33. Invasion, Part 4 - The Last Stand
34. Lost Frontier
35. Nero's Legacy
36. Ghost Ship
37. Prime

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This collection from Darker Projects brings the Star Trek series back to life with a fictional account of our universe on the brink of war. With stakes running high a splinter group decides to take on the most morally dubious missions and bring us the listeners along for the ride. Sometimes in war there are no good options and this series explores those darker decisions that don't have to be made in everyday life. The story is action packed and goes at light speed jumping around the universe always keeping in the center of the action and outwitting the enemy.


Great series but VERY VERY VERY frustrating that there is NO conclusions!! Cliffhanger!!


- Star Trek

This is such an amazingly dramatised version!


- Section 31

Anyone thinking of spending time with this should be aware that it does not have a conclusion...

Dennis Francis

- Star Trek

I'm enjoying this series of audio books. Kudos to all the cast and crew on their voice over work.


- Awesome

Refreshing new view o. An old classic


- Star Trek

Very good book, or should I say audio drama! Amazing background noises, actors, and storyline. The Sum of One's memories worked fine for me, although I found it hard to follow.


- star trek : section 3q

great audio play series .. if y our a stark trek next gen fan etc you will understand the universe its set in ...


That piramid ship sounds like TARDIS...and is described as TARDIS


Excellent,. Wish there was more...


- Trek 31

Terrific work guys especially the writer. Blend of past characters and new. Sound effects, music...outstanding. Now I need more!

James oneal

- Great

This was really great especially as I can't see it kept me going for quite awhile


- Startreck

Very we'll done

Gary Hale

- Confused

Very wonderful production. I am loving this audio. However, I have almost no idea what is going on plot wise. If the different sections are related I haven't discovered the link halfway through.


- The Sum of One's Memories

Grate book except that The Sum of One's Memories is a bad link. You cant hear it or download it.


Not able to download "The Sum of One's Memories". Can you fix the link?


- section 31

This is really like a Radio play. Sound effects and multiple players. A great story but I found I had to pay attention.


- Great

A truly enjoyable sci-fi with visits from the empire, and a certain Dr.


- Great Listen!

Sounds just like a real star trek novel, not fan fiction! Great for any true trekkie

A Friend

some issue with chapter six, "The Sum Of One's Memories". I think perhaps without the missing chapter it would have made more sense.