Star Trek: Lost Frontier cover

Star Trek: Lost Frontier

Eric L. Busby

1. Welcome to Star Trek - Lost Frontier
2. Hope
3. And A Star To Steer Her By...
4. Prisoner
5. Escape from Korsava 4
6. The Fallen Empire
7. Remnant of the Klingons
8. Resistance
9. A Legend Falls
10. By the Sword
11. Of Q and Women
12. 11 A Prophet Without Honor
13. 12 Power and Dominion, Part 1
14. 13 Power and Dominion, Part 2
15. 14 The Valiant, Part 1
16. 15 The Valiant Part 2
17. 16 Caduceus
18. 17 The Rift
19. 18 Cosa Nostra

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This story begins after a long and devastating war that has left The Federation in shambles. The pressing mission for the remaining ships in Star Fleet is to travel the war-torn galaxy's and find old alleys to reunite under one federation. Many of the classic Star Trek races make an appearance in this series including the Klingons, Romulans and everyone's favorite the Borg! This book is fast paced and a very creative read. It comes recommended highly for anyone who has followed Star Trek and it also fills in a good amount of background information for those less well versed in the subject.



- Star Trek the Last Frontier

great love to hear more and see some new tv series.


- Lost Frontier

Amazing!! Love it!!

Jose Rebatta

- Star Trek Lost Frontier

Amazing. I have listen them about 10 times at bed time. Thank you guys. Hope there are more.

Would love to see as a movie


- Lost Frontier

Thank you so much. God bless you.


- Star Trek Lost Frontier

Thank you guys, My eyes gets tired when I read. Audio is better. I cannot afford $20 a month for a subscription. Thank You


Please continue the series. Incredible production and storyline!


- Lost frontier

I’m a kid and I love it


- Lost Frontier

Love this book so much! I found this by accident, and now I can't stop listening. Thank you so much!! :)


- not able to download

I know I would love it but I can only get the Welcome to Star Trek part and nothing more.


- Lost frontier

What an unexpected surprise this was! I've been a long-time fan of Star Trek, and it was fun to have some new and creative storyline to listen to as I worked. Thank you and please keep it up. Awesome job!

Ben S

- Fantastic

Found this on Podcast Addict. Great show.

listen audio only OMG.


- Great Job! Lost Frontier

Really well-done. Extremely impressed. Production quality is stellar. Great job on the story, reading and audio engineering.

Ken Bradley

- Curious

Am just curious, are you going to have newer ones or are you just going to keep repeating the same one's you already have done, I actually like this but I would love to hear a continuing from where you stopped, keep the story going, so to speak.

OMG i love this.. thank you


- Lost Frontier

Can't believe it's free. Awesome production. Interesting. Entertaining. Quality acting sound effects


- Lost Frontier

Appreciated the hard work and close details overall. I commend Eric L. Busby for allowing us to enjoy this well made and delivered fiction.


- Lost Frontier

Great! Very professional!


- Lost Frontier

An excellent book! Now, can we please fix the spelling errors in the description? Galaxies, and allies. In both cases, change the y to an i and add es. Most of us learned that in third grade.


- lost frontier

Well what can I say. Iam halfway through it and.... LOVE IT. So interesting (first time I have had an audio book and don't really read so something totally new). Looking forward to finishing this. Thanks very much for this! :)

Kathy G

- Lost Frontier

Enjoyed very much ! So well read...or I should say performed...glad Loyalbooks offers this new treat