Mrs. Raffles cover

Mrs. Raffles

John Kendrick Bangs (1862-1922)

1. 01 - The Adventure of the Herald Personal
2. 02 - The Adventure of the Newport Villa
3. 03 - The Adventure of Mrs.Gaster's Maid
4. 04 - The Pearl Rope of Mrs. Gushington-Andrews
5. 05 - The Adventure of the Steel Bonds
6. 06 - The Adventure of the Fresh-air Fund
7. 07 - The Adventure of Mrs. Rockerbilt's Tiara
8. 08 - The Adventure of the Carnegie Library
9. 09 - The Adventure of the Hold-up
10. 10 - The Adventure of Mrs. Shadd's Musicale
11. 11 - The Adventure of Mrs. Innitt's Cook
12. 12 - The Last Adventure

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Mrs. Raffles, widow of the now deceased A. J. Raffles (who was the gentleman thief pursued at one time by Sherlock Holmes), continues the family legacy of crime—but this time in America. These stories are narrated by her cohort, Harry “Bunny” Manders, previously the devoted friend and sidekick of A.J. Raffles before his death.