A Little Bush Maid cover

A Little Bush Maid

Mary Grant Bruce (1878-1958)

1. 01- Billabong
2. 02- Pets and Playthings
3. 03- A Menagerie Race
4. 04- Jim's Idea
5. 05- Angler's Bend
6. 06- A Bush Fire
7. 07- What Norah Found
8. 08- On A Log
9. 09- Fishing
10. 10- The Last Day
11. 11- Good-Bye
12. 12- The Winfield Murder
13. 13- The Circus
14. 14- Camping Out
15. 15- For Friendship
16. 16- Fighting Death
17. 17- The End of the Struggle
18. 18- Evening

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An Australian childrens' classic about life on a ranch around the same time of A Little Florida Lady, with a similarly plucky tomboy heroine. Also, like the latter story, expect some racial stereotyping of Asian and Aboriginal characters. This originally ran as a newspaper serial and it shows in the episodic nature of the chapters, such as a vivid trip to the circus sandwiched by talk of a mad killer and an unexpectedly sentimental ending.