Forty-Two Poems cover

Forty-Two Poems

James Elroy Flecker (1884-1915)

1. To a Poet a thousand years hence
2. Riouperoux
3. The Town without a Market
4. The Ballad of Camden Town
5. Mignon
6. Felo de se
7. Tenebris Interlucentem
8. Invitation to a young but learned friend . . .
9. Ballad of the Londoner
10. The First Sonnet of Bathrolaire
11. The Second Sonnet of Bathrolaire
12. The Masque of the Magi
13. The Ballad of Hampstead Heath
14. Litany to Satan
15. The Translator and the Children
16. Opportunity
17. Destroyer of Ships, Men, Cities
18. War Song of the Saracens
19. Joseph and Mary
20. No Coward's Song
21. A Western Voyage
22. Fountains
23. The Welsh Sea
24. Oxford Canal
25. Hialmar speaks to the Raven
26. The Ballad of the Student in the South
27. The Queen's song
28. Lord Arnaldos
29. We that were friends
30. My Friend
31. Ideal
32. Mary Magdalen
33. I rose from dreamless hours
34. Prayer
35. A Miracle of Bethlehem
36. Gravis Dulcis Immutabilis
37. Pillage
38. The Ballad of Zacho
39. Pavlovna in London
40. The Sentimentalist
41. Don Juan in Hell
42. The Ballad of Iskander

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This is a collection of poems by James Elroy Flecker.