Chopin: The Man and His Music cover

Chopin: The Man and His Music

James Huneker (1860-1921)

1. 01 I. Poland: Youthful Ideals
2. 02 II. Paris: In the Maelstrom
3. 03 - III. England, Scotland and Père La Chaise
4. 04 IV. The Artist
5. 05 - V. The Poet and Psychologist
6. 06 VI. The Studies: Titanic Experiments (Part I)
7. 07 - VI - B. The Studies: Titanic Experiments (Part II)
8. 08 VI. The Studies: Titanic Experiments (Part III)
9. 09 VII. Moods in Miniature: The Preludes
10. 10 VIII. Impromptus and Valses
11. 11 IX. Night and its Melancholy Mysteries: The Nocturnes
12. 12 X. The Ballades: Faery Dramas
13. 13 XI. Classical Currents
14. 14 XII. The Polonaises: Heroic Hymns of Battle
15. 15 XIII. Mazurkas: Dances of the Soul
16. 16 XIV. Chopin the Conquerer

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A biography of the Polish composer and virtuoso pianist Frédéric Chopin and a critical analysis of his work by American music writer and critic James Huneker.



- Narrator of Chopin, Man and Music

Why is the narrator for this selection someone with a terribly pretentious accent, which an American listener can hardly understand?!? Would have to read the text along with listening to the streaming audio, in order to grasp what she is saying. Please find another reader for an important book like this, so we can actually hear/understand/enjoy the content instead of being annoyed. Thank you!